Why OnePlus 5T is the Best Smartphone of 2018?

Pradhumnya Khanayat

Surpassing most of the worthy smartphones of 2018, the OnePlus 5T flagship smartphone is clearly set its own path to winning many hearts and managed to gain a stable position in the dense smartphone market to capture the major attention. With the presence of Samsung Galaxy S9 and Apple iPhone X in the market, it’s been very difficult to get likes by the majority of the population, but the OnePlus mobile set apart it’s course and made its own way to reach the highest points of success. Everything near to perfect, the phone features, amazing looks, great camera, fantastic performance, more than enough memory and storage space and most important comes with latest technology feature everyone aspires for. Covered with the new face feature unlock, the phone has been a big success in the global markets since its launch. Here in this post, you can see for yourself what makes the OnePlus 5T so special that everyone nurtures it and aspires to own one.

Great Looks Never Harm Anyone


When it comes to design, it’s not something out of the world, but it does provide all the premium requirements a decent phone should have in 2018. Metallic back, narrow top and bottom borders, and long screen with minimum bezels are what makes it style appeal minimalistic. The phone is easy to handle given its lightweight structure and optimum screen size, it provides a decent in-hand grip while controlling the phone and managing your day-to-day life.

Tackle the World with Best Price


With the latest technology features, the phone also has a budget-oriented label upon its name. The best one can buy under $500 dollar is none other than the OnePlus 5T. With given stellar performance, great camera, fabulous design the price set by OnePlus is something to celebrate. If you are planning to buy one, Souq has some great Souq offers and Souq coupon code upon their website deal page related to the OnePlus 5T smartphone. The flagship smartphone of 2018 by OnePlus tops the list of best Android smartphones 2018. If compared to flagship phones of Samsung and Apple i.e the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Apple iPhone X, the OnePlus 5T is way cheaper and given its demand and popularity not ignoring the fact that the features boasted by the OnePlus flagship are very close to what Samsung and Apple provides, the smartphone is surely a deal breaker and killer mobile phone of 2018. Don’t forget to see the OnePlus 5T review before ordering it from Souq or Awok in the Middle East.

Dash Charging Make Life Simpler and Moving


By owning a OnePlus flagship smartphone, you make your life simpler and fast-paced as you don’t have to stop everywhere to charge your phone’s battery. The brand guarantees that the phone will last one full day with a medium usage of gameplay and video play. The dash charging of OnePlus truly makes all the difference as it can charge your phone within 45 minutes of time. From 0 to 100 percent, it hardly takes one hour of your time to last more than a day. The dash charging is a bliss to users living a busy and fast-paced life, and who charges their smartphone the whole day.

Great Camera to Beautify your Surroundings


With 16-megapixel primary and 20-megapixel secondary camera, the picture quality provided by the OnePlus 5T can be easily compared to those of iPhone X and Galaxy S9. with an amazing pixel density, the phone’s camera capture decent environment around you. Competing with top camera phones in the segment, OnePlus 5T will never disappoint you in any terms. With neutral tones, perfect color saturation, high pixel density, improved and updated AI camera technology, it left no loose points of any kinds when it comes to photography. You can fulfil all your desires to be a photographer and fill your social page with exciting images and apex quality videos. The phone excels in low light photography as the improved AI camera makes the object clearer and sharper presenting the image more vivid with realistic colors and depth. If you are a big fan of photography and want to teach yourself the art, then visit Noon KSA website to order the beast smartphone at discounted prices using the Noon coupons and Noon coupon code.