A Man's Guide to Floral Shirts 2020

Vasu Arora

It is a season to rock the floral shirt! Floral shirts that are also known as Hawaiian shirts are the latest trend in 2020. From cheap, and high street to higher-end, more expensive shirts, there is a lot to choose from as per your taste with 6th Street voucher code. But these casual shirts are for those fashion enthusiasts who are brave enough to carry them. Not every person can wear these shirts comfortably. Some rules and tips are necessary to follow to create a fashion statement out of the floral shirt without looking awkward.


Since designers such as Alessandro Michele at Gucci as well as Hedi Slimane at Saint Laurent began tapping out refreshed versions of this kind of shirt, it’s a rev from a casual to bold wear categories. From Dwayne "Rock" Johnson and Wiz Khalifa to Justin Bieber - all are making a buzz for this apparel, so why not you too?

Thus, if you are ready to rock this style, follow our guide to put on the floral shirts in the right way. Once you get the trick, buy these floral shirts using Namshi coupon code to start stocking up your wardrobe. Let's begin:

Put on your layering game

men floral shirts

For a much bolder statement, match up your floral shirt with a plain, solid color blazer. Always contrast the dark shade with light color. It implies if you are choosing a dark blue or purple jacket complement it with a floral shirt in the lighter hues like cream, or sky blue.

On the contrary, if you have a dark shade shirt go for a neutral shade jacket. In this way, you will get the look that is fairly easy on the eyes and will do the trick as well. It's a perfect fashion assemble if you have to attend a casual party.

Also, remember don't you ever match floral with floral such as a tie. You don't want to select something too in your face. Rather ditch the idea of wearing a tie on the floral shirt.

Team up short-sleeve shirts with shorts

men floral shirts

Floral shirts are also available in short sleeves style, which you can purchase using the Namshi coupon code. You can take these short sleeve shirts on a more casual side by pairing them with plain knee-length shorts. This contemporary look is ideal if you are planning to go for a beach outing, pool party, or picnic with family and friends.

Slim-fit floral shirt and jeans

men floral shirts

No doubt, jeans are good to go option for almost every top wear! So, is the case with floral shirts. Especially if you are buying a slim-fit floral shirt through Elabelz coupon, team them with any pair of jeans you are already having in your closet. This casual look you can carry as a daily wear as well.

But please note, do not wear a floral shirt with the distressed jeans as it would look awkward and too clumsy. Simply, a solid pair of jeans in grey, blue, or stone color would do the wonders.

Chinos for light florally shirts

floral shirt with chinos men

If you don't desire to go too bold, instead of an all-over floral print shirt, you can pick something that has a white, beige, or light pink background with a little flowery pattern. Then pairing this style of Hawaiian shirt with chinos result as a perfect match. A sober look with a touch of boldness is good to go. You can buy one such shirt for yourself using the 6th Street voucher code.

Shoes to choose

floral shirt footwear

Your floral shirt is itself going to make a statement that will be quite loud. So, when it comes to shoes, always go for a solid color, not too funky shoes. In fact, white color sneakers will give you an eye-pleasing casual look. Canvas shoes can also be one of the good choices; though, for us, sneakers are the coolest option. Wear your shoes, and you are ready to turn the heads on the street.

Accessories and more

men floral shirts

If you're keen on wearing large floral clothing, always use the proper accessories with them. Instead of a watch, we recommend shopping for a few bracelets, caps, and even a right pair of socks available with Elabelz coupon. These accessories will be creating an impressive look for you. The accessories will spark up your personality as well as your shirt both.

Wear a beaded or leather bracelet to create a style statement without showing off too much. If you want a cap, then you can go for a beanie cap and in socks choose only plain colors such as white or black.

Thus, when done right, meaning you only put one floral pattern shirt at a time, you can wear them with confidence. That way, your overall appearance is more advantageous to make an impact.