Top Gadgets to own this Year

Pradhumnya Khanayat

When it comes to the world of technology each one of us wants various gadgets and that too the latest modified version. In today’s world, nobody wants to settle for less. The world of technology has always attracted a huge mass of people. But to buy a gadget in such a complex market is a tough question. But here we are providing you with a list of gadgets in a very descriptive manner. These are as follows:

Best mobile: in the world of gadgets the product which has always been in demand is the mobile phone. With each day the world of mobiles is increasing by heaps and bounds. In such a dynamic condition if you want to settle for the best product then the Samsung and Apple own the whole market. Till date, the best product of Samsung in this criteria is 

SAMSUNG GALAXY S9 PLUS with features like –


1.RAM – 6 GB

Storage capacity – 64 GB/128 GB

2.OS – Android 8

Screen Size – 6.2 inch

3.Rear camera – Dual 12 MP AND FRONT 8 MP

Price – SAR 2000

Another best smartphone of 2019 is undoubtedly the iPhone X by Apple. Its feature are –


1. RAM – 6 GB

Storage capacity – 64Gb/125 GB

2. OS- IOS 12

3. Screen size – 5.8 inches with retina display

4. Rear camera – 12 MP AND FRONT 7 MP

and the smartphone is priced at SAR 3700

Mini Selfie Light


 This gadget is invented for festival seasons. If you are traveling somewhere where is bad lighting you can use them as very good support? Also if you are fond of selcas like me then buying Missguided smartphone’s mini selfie light is just what you need. And its price is also very convincing just SAR 22.

LG signature OLED TV R9 


This is just what you need in case if you are looking for the best technology in TVs – when you will look upon this model you will see that the led screen is too tiny but it is tiny for a reason. When you will switch on the TV the screen will roll off coming to its actual size and it is attached with Alexa too which make things more convenient for the family.

Mophie Juice Pack Access


 This is the latest which came in this year. It seems to be a normal mobile cover but actually, it's a charger that a phone cover that charges the phone. isn’t it cool? Of course, it is. Mophie’s are the first company to introduce such technology in the market.

Echo spot


People who are working regularly they always need to keep up with the information related to their business, daily news and many more. echo spot is wireless tiny machine just like Alexa which can be easily fitted into home and offices. This not only keeps you updated with news but also can play your favorite music, audios and much more. Hence this is one of the most desirable things to order this year in gadgets.

Jabra Elite 65T True Wireless Buds


If you are the music type of person then this product is just made for you. Totally wireless with blast full music.

The above list states some of the coolest and useful gadgets for 2019. Someone who has a fetish for technology shall try one of these for sure.