We are Flying in Excitement - Selena is Launching her Beauty Line

Pradhumnya Khanayat

Just you were bored with the Kardashians and Kylie, Selena Gomez is here to make you fall in love with brand new beauty products while she launches her own beauty line globally and why not, who would not want to have a billion-dollar brand her own name. The H-Town gorgeous is making her resume stronger and believe me, people would kill each other to buy the hottie’s products whenever they will hit the stores and online world (by surprise?).

selena gomez launches beauty line

The singer’s products team-’July Moon’ have completed all the procedures with Trademark corporation for various range of products including skincare, haircare, beauty, and modern nail products Other than that the company would also launch products including Incenses, and essentials oils.

selena gomez launches beauty line

We will say Gomez is not much far in making her name a brand and definitely it's not too late for the singer to compete with brands like Fenty Beauty by Rihana and KKW Beauty by the hourglass Kardashian. It's like tomorrow when Lady Gaga entered the competition with her major cards in Haus Laboratories which was later sold on Amazon exclusively. Still now, we can’t comment on what kind of products will be launching in her name or where they will be sold first exclusively but one thing for sure- people will be overflowed with new products, new makeup tutorials, new styles, and many more new things and experiments to come soon, so our advice will be to sit tight and like us wait for the official new when they post it on twitter. Till then have both your eyes on twitter or facebook or various blog or just rely on social media to do its thing and you will know when the right time will come.