Top Places To Visit in Prague

Pradhumnya Khanayat

One of the historical gems, the city of a hundred spires-Prague has been a great tourist destination inviting tourist from all over the world into exploring the rich architectural and symbolic history of Europe. The city is blessed with splendid craftsmanship and architecture in the form of Baroque, Renaissance, Gothic arts engulfing the whole city like a blanket of bliss. The city is home to some of the best preserved historic centers in Europe where people can visit to know the deep history about Europe as a country and how it formed to be the one everybody knows of. The historic city opens up itself to show beautiful historical buildings on narrow square lanes depicting the premium and ultra-rich architectural culture of Europe. Some of the must-visit destinations in Prague include- The Prague castle, Charles Bridge, Wenceslas Square, The National Museum, and last but not the least The Hilltop fortress- Vysehrad. If you are thinking to plan a trip to Prague City, the enchanting place in Europe, then don’t miss out Almosafer coupon code and Almosafer coupons at various coupon websites as they provide discounted flight tickets at a regular basis.

The Prague Castle


The largest ancient castle in the world with an area of almost 70,000 square meters, the castle is the official seat of the president of the Czech Republic. The beauty of Prague Castle attracts more than 1.8 tourists from around the globe every year. If you believe in magical stories of fairy tales and angels of heaven, then this place is perfect to relive those childish dreams once again. If you are the one hoping to make your Instagram account stand out from the crowd, then Prague Castle is the perfect spot for your timeless selfies. Hidden with deep secrets and rules related to the medieval period, the castle serves to all kinds of travelers whether visiting to know more about the historic value of the place or just to have fun and post stunning photos on social media.

Charles Bridge

With so many attractions in the city, Charles Bridge manages to rank among the top 5 attraction one must see while their trip to the magical city of Prague. The 516 meters long and 9.5 meters wide gigantic structure stands on 15 pillars making the structure most rigid royal beauty in the world. The second oldest stunning bridge stands over the Vltava river in Prague to give your trip the best moments to capture inside your smartphones or camera to highlight the beauty in your social story. The bridge is crowded with shops, musicians, painters, artisans and other tourist and is filled with people at any time of the day. The nightscape of the place will just give you deep chills through its eternal beauty and timeless charm. You can add more beauty to your social media profiles

Wenceslas Square

To cure the thirst of the shop alcoholic living inside you, then Wenceslas Square is the place you can’t afford to miss. The shopping and entertainment center of Prague, the place is brimmed with domestic and International level brands with amazing shop array. If you want to do some shopping and enjoy the nightlife of Prague, then this is the place you should cherish. 750m long and 60m wide boulevard was actually laid for horse market 650 years ago but in present, it serves as one of the most dazzling places to visit in the Pague City. Home to the two best places in Prague- the city National Museum, and the Prague city Opera. To make the trip more interesting, nothing is better than amazing discounts on flights and hotels in Prague. Flyin provides some best Flyin coupon code and Flyin coupon for every traveler wanting to travel the world. By using Flyin deals and offers, one can travel by saving a ton of cash on flight tickets and hotels.

The National Museum


Founded by Kaspar Maria Sternberg, the National Museum of Prague is one of the most important structures of the city exhibiting enormous collections and proofs of historical and scientific figures of the country noblemen and important persons. Located at the Wenceslas Square, the top floor of the structure is all about the revival of the Czech Republic as a country. Providing importance to almost 14 million items of natural history, music, arts, etc one can easily know about the importance of each and every place, thing, and moments related to country’s history and the powerful people of the previous era. This place can’t be missed from the list due to the fact that this place is located in Wenceslas Square and one doesn't afford to keep the entertainment hub out of focus when traveling to Prague city. If you wish to book cheap flight tickets and affordable hotel in Prague, Rehlat has some amazing offers with great discounts on flights to Prague and luxury Hotels in Prague. Just visit the website and enter Prague as a destination, you will be surprised to see the prices of flights and hotels in Prague. To make your trip more affordable you can pick out the best Rehlat coupon and Rehlat coupon code 2018 at Asaan to get extra discount on your trip to the fashion capital in Europe.