Top 5 Gaming Consoles of 2019

Pradhumnya Khanayat

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Gaming consoles are always the prominent choice when it comes to under-roof entertainment. The markets are flooded with a plethora of game consoles that varies from ultra-HD to 4 K and the list is never-ending.

We know how important it is to bag the best console. That’s why we have brought a fleet of top 5 gaming consoles that are ruling the hearts of professional gamers. Go through these gaming consoles to get your hand on the best one.



There is no doubt that XBOX is the classiest gaming console you can purchase. This version of XBOX delivers the best graphics and is easy to use. If you are someone who adores high quality and real gaming, then this product is definitely meant for you.

The processing speed of this console is six trillion floating points, which means that you will never encounter any lag for a smooth gaming experience.

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PlayStation 4 Pro


PlayStation 4 has enjoyed immense sales and was considered as the best console for user engagement. The games available with PS 4 were of par standard and gamers inclined towards this console in no time.

After the immense success of PS4, Sony decided to launch PlayStation 4 Pro. This gaming console is much better than its predecessor and can deliver the user with a whole new gaming experience.

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Nintendo Switch


Ever wondered that you can enjoy a gaming console without a TV or monitor? Well, this was not possible until Nintendo has launched the most awaited Nintendo Switch. This gaming console provides dual functionality. You can plug it into the TV like any other console and can also enjoy gaming on the go with the portable screen that comes with the console.

Switch offers a number of first-party games that are really alluring and fun to play. You can get a Nintendo Switch at lesser price than a PS4 and XBOX ONE X.

Super SNES Classis Edition


Most people feel that modern games lack a crisp and they are not playable by all. But there is a manufacturer that cares for all! SNES Classic is a gaming console that features retro games. This console doesn’t support any 4K content but you will get the best and handy experience.

Along with this, SNES classic provided save-state functionality, which lets you save the game whenever you leave it. You get a chunk of 20 pre-built games and can purchase more games if needed.

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PlayStation 3


PlayStation has never got old! Many gamers still believe that PS3 is the best console for daily gaming. This console is compatible with almost all HD televisions and also supports Blu-Ray for 4K gaming. PS 3 is packed punch that can deliver powerful gaming, internet connectivity, and booming audio all under one package.


While purchasing a gaming console make sure that you have researched well. Look for the type of games available in that particular version. Most of the games mentioned above have GPU support which makes them a perfect combination of power and modernity. Make sure that you buy these consoles from registered buyers

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