Best VR Headsets guide for the ultimate entertainment experience

Pradhumnya Khanayat

With the advancements in technology, we the customers, are served with top notch and the latest accessories on a daily basis. The latest technology is of VR Headsets. People usually like to listen to music while walking, or in a gym, or while traveling. At such times, VR Headsets prove to be the best option.

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HTC Vive


HTC Vive is indisputably one amongst the simplest products that supply the foremost comprehensive VR experience to the users.HTC Vive sports 1080p screens that offer highly crisp image.

This product really provides a more engaging experience compared to traditional controllers. One of the most unique traits of this headset is its room-scale feature that allows the user to roam around a 4.5×4.5 meter of space. This really adds to the realistic geographic area which might be experienced while wearing it.

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Sony PlayStation VR


Sony PlayStation VR is one of the best gaming consoles that come with their own particular pros. PlayStation VR is definitely a quality VR available at an affordable price.

The most outstanding thing is that it's neither too pricey itself nor it requires expensive high finish diversion PCs to run it. Yes, it is a nice diversion console offering the simplest services and games to users.

It is offered in two variants. You really want to buy a gaming console that fulfills your gaming needs and this is a perfect option for you. Get ready to experience new games with PlayStation VR in an entire advanced mode with Noon coupon code.

Samsung Gear VR


Samsung Gear VR is quite the image of its predecessor- Note four Gear VR. But compared to it, it is smaller and lighter in weight. Its traps are made more comfortable in addition. Young generation prefers this device more due to its feature of being convenient for spectacles wearers that make them stylish too.

Furthermore, it is quite efficient as a home entertainment VR device and for watching different kinds of videos. Playing games can also be highly exciting through this nice device. You can make it more exciting with the Noon coupon code to avail best deals and offers

LG 360 VR


LG 360 VR is different from the other VR systems in terms of its tethering abilities. It is created in a form of a combination of glasses which we are found to wear very often. Thus it's higher than different VR headsets, as you don’t ought to carry a large device on your face throughout the time.

The unique feature of this LG VR is its highly portable and convenient tethering connectivity. More often, it is extremely comfortable to put on and evidently much more lightweight. Do you fall for convenient VR device? Switch too and buy your LG 360 VR at a reasonable price by applying Noon discount code.


Headsets are also headphones which mean that you can use them to enjoy music wherever you are. With all the information that you have gathered now, it's time to gear up and purchase VR Headsets for the ultimate entertainment experience.

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