Best home theatres to shop online in KSA

Amit Kapoor

If you want to pick a home theatre for your home, then factors such as budget, room size, number of people you want to entertain and the way in which your room is constructed are of utmost significance. If you are planning to buy a home theatre online in KSA, then there are a number of choices in online stores. Discount options like Xcite Coupon code can be used on the online stores for a better deal.


What’s the need for a home theatre system?

To increase the entertainment level, one should buy a home theatre. These days even full HD and 4K LEDs cannot give that pleasure and pure sounds of whispering, and explosive sounds of action and sci-fi movies. This same theory applies to a surround sound home theatre system which gives a naturally aspirated sound experience, just like the cinema.

To ensure that the home theatre is capable to give you that quality sound experience, you should keep some things in mind. This list of a few things can help you to buy the appropriate home theatre system:

Dolby Atmos: 

If you want to enjoy a movie, whether it is an action, sci-fi, drama or comedy movie, then keep in mind that the theatre system you are opting to buy should be certified by Dolby at Dolby Atmos platform.

Amplifiers and Speakers: 

These are the essentials of a good home theatre system. The amplifiers and speakers should perfectly blend with the motion of the pictures running on the screen, without any lag. And this is only possible if the technical and hardware is perfect and reliable.

Role of the room and number of speakers:

 You should opt for a good sub-woofer and a decent size woofer for a big sized room but if the room is of small size, then you can also enjoy the sound with small size speakers also. There is a role of the number of speakers; which is also very important. There should be at least five channels of speakers- which include left, right, center, surround and also a sub-woofer. This number can be increased according to the size of the room and the need for the sound.

Support of Blue-ray or DVD: 

Nowadays, the need of this attachment is rare because everything is going online. But one should have a back-up also if sometimes needed. The lower models of home theatre don’t consist of these and the higher models concentrate on the quality and classification of the sound. So, if there is a need for a blue-ray or DVD player to you, then you can find some options. But if you don’t feel the need, you can buy your home theatre system without this feature.

Now we have suggested some home theatres for you that you can buy online. You can use discount options like Souq Coupon Code while shopping online.

Philips SPA8000B/94 5.1 channel Multimedia speaker system (Black): 


This system is a good choice of 12.3kg, 5.1 surround sound and has USB and SD card slots also for music playback and picture viewing. It also provides FM tuner, which can be used for cable TV, MP3, DVD players and many more. It has an attractive design with eight inches productive woofer. It also has HDMI input, which is quite essential and has audio system left/right channels.

Sony DAV-TZ145 Home Theatre system (Black): 


With a 5.1 speaker surround sound channel configuration and HDMI output, its weight is 8kg. This system also features a USB movie playback with X-Vid and MPEG4 profiles as standard. It has 360 watts power with USB play. You can get some discount while buying it online with the use of Noon coupon code.

Logitech Z906 surround sound speaker system:


It is very convenient and basic for customers who want both power and volume. Weighing only 16.6 kgs, it has a sit of two double input multimedia speakers which give a clear mono as well as stereo sound experience. This system is of 1000 watts and comes with wireless remote and control console.

Samsung HT-J5100 K/XL 5.1 channel home theatre system (Black): 


Weighing 9.4kgs, it is a masterpiece with a 5.1 system which has an intense sound power boost. It also has key control, TV sound, CD ripping, karaoke scoring, and music USB with a microphone. This is an all in one package.

Sony HT-RT3 sound bar home theatre system (Black): 


It has only 2.1 kg weight and incorporates 600 watts power output with simple and easy operative Bluetooth connectivity with wireless streaming audio. It has surround system of 5.1 channel which can fill the room with surround sound.