Be Summer Ready- 10 Must Have Clothing Staples for Men

Santu Kumar

It is beyond imagination and difficult for a man to impress his boss every day, keep his girlfriend happy, pay his bills timely, and other major responsibilities to perform with utmost perfection, and most importantly get a bit of time to groom himself and make him look a bit more presentable and attractive.

From the age of the industrial revolution, the question that has disturbed man is - what it takes to look good every day? Or in much easier language, what are the daily hacks for a man which can help him look ‘dapper’? Few dresses go well in the winter season, but as soon as the summer season arrives, the problems just get multiplied. Because in this type of climate one has to keep a couple of things in mind. Firstly, wear light-colored clothes because in summer light clothes keep you cool by not absorbing heat. And secondly, be sure that the fabrics of clothes are airy and ventilated.

In this article, we have a solution for all your styling issues and that too at pocket-friendly prices with the aid of codes like Namshi coupon code.

Here is the list of some summer clothing hacks which can help you to look good and stylish during summer:

T-shirt with round neck: 


One spends a significant amount of money on the summer collection of T-shirts. So, make sure that their fabrics must be stretchy and light in weight. They can be of any color and pattern, can be printed and can have a message written on them (which is most popular these days).

The sunglass statement: 


Sunglasses, or most often said, shades are the most useful tool in summers. They not only protect our eyes from sun rays but also are a style statement. Our eyes are those windows which give messages to our brain cum heart, and sunglasses fill the color to our windows. So, choose a shade which suits you and fills the correct color to your window. There are exciting offers online and you can use coupons like 6th Street Coupon or others for the best buy.

Life for loafers:


Well, loafers for men can be like an all-rounder type of footwear. They are party cum casual cum regular, and sometimes can be formal too. These kinds of footwear are generally made of genuine or artificial leather which can be with a bit of heel or no heel, with lace or lace-less. So, loafers can be a perfect choice for you if you are finding an all-rounder summer footwear.

The Hat-trick: 


Just like the sunglasses, the hat is also a two-purpose item. It saves our head from the sun rays while being stylish. In the older times, men in a number of countries wore turbans to protect themselves in summer, but in this era, one can use the hat-trick to look stylish as well.

Shorts for the summer: 


The winters are easy; just wear those sweaters, coats and heavy dark colored jeans. But as soon as the summer arrives, these jeans start to give problems like itching or creeping the ankles. The pastels colors feel hot in summers, but you can change color with style. A pair of shorts can help you in the summers.

White jeans: 


These can be the option for you as trousers or pants for the sweaty season. And is also, a change in style for you if you are from the territory of trouser guys. Some occasions come when one can neither wear those shorts nor winter pants, so the white or light-colored jeans can be helpful to you.

Summer jackets: 


The bomber jackets are never out of fashion; they are evergreen. They can be of any fabric like denim and can be of cream color or any other. These jackets can be with half sleeves or can be sleeveless. So, choose these jackets wisely. Use discount coupons like Elabez coupon code for exciting online options.

Everywhere the gym-wear: 


Athleisure is picking up pace these days, and becoming trendy also. So, the suggestion from our side to you is that pick some good gym-wear that can be functional everywhere. This will keep you comfortable as well as stylish.

Modern man with kurta: 


You must be thinking that ‘kurta’ can only be fashionable or trendy in India, but we want to stop you there only. Kurtas are nowadays trending everywhere. They now not only come in a single color but also, they are getting some cool funky patterns. So, kurtas can be a part of your summer wardrobe.

Sandals for summer: 


Well other than loafers, if you want some open and airier footwear, then sandals can be a perfect choice for you. And they are functional everywhere.