5 Best Beauty Brands in Kuwait

Vasu Arora


‘Beauty is not skin deep’, we’ve often heard… have we heard correctly? In a market over enthused with the use of beauty products, beauty might well be just skin deep. Nestled between war-torn Iraq and Saudi Arabia is a small country called Kuwait. Much like the land of milk and honey, this place is known as the land of oil and money! Though a small nation, its high-income flows have landed it on the world map for expenditures of big amounts on beauty products.

Since there are big spenders, malls harness the bigger brands to woo their customers. Being the eight richest nations in the world, it derives most of its wealth from oil but beauty product sales have shown a considerable bump in sales here. The most loved brands are nestled and nurtured in the confines of the high and luxury malls. Listed below are the 5 best beauty brands that have captured the market I Kuwait.

The first brand which spells luxury and by far the most popular among the elite is the homegrown brand called Al Mansour. It was created by Qutubuddin Commander in 1988. Since then it has found its place among the top brands of the world. It is a brand of great repute and is known as Makeup Al Mansour locally and in the international markets.

Stepping into the international brands that have created a stir in the market is:

1. Harvey Nichols-:

Harvey Nichols the UK giant which had housed itself in Kuwait as a stand-alone store. The brand is known for his high fashion beauty products and jewellery. They have a premium horde of customers and are doing particularly well in the area.

2. MAC from New York-:

 Mac from New York is another brand much loved by all ages. Be it their shades of lipstick or highlighters their quality remains unmatched. Having a store in the uber-luxurious The Avenues Mall, MAC stands tall with its offerings of all things bold and beautiful.

3. Jo Malone :-

 J Malone is another go-to brand for Kuwaiti women. Signature fragrances and beauty products have a pull that keeps them coming again and again. Jo Malone too has a stand-alone store that spells luxury in every item of cosmetic it sells and brings out the very best in them.

4. The Body Shop-:

The Body Shop too is synonymous with high-end luxury branding. It has had a way of finding itself among the most talked of the brand in the recent years so this comes as no surprise that women and as well as the men in Kuwait throng to the shop. Over the years the brand has been earning a name for itself and has been getting glowing reviews about the same.

These few brands dominate the luxury brands in Kuwait. In the year 2018 KD 350-400 per month was spent on an average on beauty products. This amounted to a staggering $1.07bn in beauty sales alone in a survey done by Marmora Mena Intelligence. Women of all ages from 15 – 55 are big spenders in the consumerism of beauty products. As Kuwait adds 400 stand-alone beauty stores this every year; the spending will only increase. So if beauty is not skin deep in Kuwait its definitely pocket deep!