Best WiFi Range Extenders & Boosters for Home & Gaming in Sep 2022

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WiFi Range Extenders

Do you find yourself walking around your home enjoying the connectivity of your excellent broadband connection and suddenly see buffering only to find out that you’ve lost connectivity? It is annoying, isn’t it? Well, thanks to modern-day technology, experts seem to find a solution for every problem. And the solution to your problem is WiFi Range Extenders (also called WiFi Boosters) which support the main router receiving the broadband to amplify the WiFi signals so as to eliminate any WiFi dead zones present in your house.

So without further ado, let’s begin.


  1. TP-Link WA850RE
  2. TP-Link WA855RE**Great value for Money**
  3. Tenda A9
  4. D-Link DAP-1610**Ideal for Home Usage**
  5. TP-Link RE305 Dual Band
  6. Netgear EX6120 Dual-Band (AC1200)**Dual Band Performance**
  7. TP-Link RE650 Dual-Band (AC2600)
  8. TP-Link RE505X  WiFi 6 (AX1500)**Best for Gaming**
  9. Summary
  10. Buyer's Guide

TP-Link WA850RE

TP-Link WA850RE

The TP-Link WA850RE supports WiFi speeds up to 300Mpbs to extend to hard-to-wire areas. Its miniature size and wall-mountable design make it an appropriate choice if you’re looking for a small boost to your WiFi setup. On top of that this WiFi Extender also comes with an ethernet port if you prefer a wired connection over a wireless one. All of the various functions of this extender can be accessed using the TP-Link Tether app which is extremely easy to use and hassle-free. Another version (TP-Link RE200) of this product is also available with a few additional features. The price range of this WiFi Extender is around Rs. 1,399. If you're interested in learning more, click here (full specifications).



TP-Link WA855RE **Great value for Money**

TP-Link WA855RE

If you’re looking for a WiFi Extender with some antennas to further enhance your connectivity range then the TP-Link WA855RE would be a good choice to fulfil your needs. The two external antennas provide for a faster and more reliable WiFi experience. It supports AP (access point) mode which creates a new access point. The WiFi coverage range can easily be expanded using this extender via the push of a button. And the amazing thing is, that the extender is compatible with any router, irrespective of the brand you’re currently using. This WiFi Extender goes for around Rs. 1,599 on most e-commerce or offline stores. Check the complete list of specifications by clicking here.



Tenda A9 


So if you own a Tenda router and want to add another piece of Tenda WiFi equipment to your arsenal then the Tenda A9 WiFi Range Extender could be a fitting pick. Similar to other leading-edge WiFi Range extenders, the Tenda A9 is able to support WiFi speeds up to 300 Mbps in 802.11n protocols. The two externalantennas can provide a strong signal and extend the existing WiFi coverage to 200m2. This range of WiFi coverage is ideal for large to multi-room flats. The Tenda A9 extender is also compatible with routers of any brand. Overall the extender is a solid option for medium to moderate home-usage. This WiFi Extender is available for Rs. 1,600 in major e-commerce stores. To learn more about this device, click here.


D-Link DAP-1610**Ideal for Home Usage**


Next up we have the D-Link DAP-1610 WiFi Range Extender which offers Dual Band connectivity through 2.5 GHz + 5 GHz bands which support speeds up to 1200 Mbps.  The two network bands help to distribute internet traffic giving you a buffer-free browsing experience. The two powerful antennas do an excellent job of amplifying the WiFi range signals to increase the overall network coverage. The D-Link DAP-1610 also comes with an Ethernet port for you to enjoy wired connectivity. The intuitiveness and flexibility around this WiFi range extender are just on point. Another exceptional perk you get with this device is the 3 YearProduct Warranty given by the seller and an excellent technical support team.  The D-Link DAP-1610 is sold for around Rs. 2,499 and to see the full range of specifications, visit here.



TP-Link RE305 


TP-Link brings you yet again an amazing WiFi range extender. The TP-Link RE305 makes use of the AC1200 internet protocol which can utilize speeds up to 1200 Mbps(1.2 Gbps). Along with extremely high-speed capacity, the extender operates through a dual-band functionality, supporting up to 300 Mpbs over the 2.4 GHz band and 867 Mbps over the 5 GHz band. Comes with indicative signal lights to help you find the optimal point to place in your house. The TP-Link RE305 is compatible with any other router and can be used as an access point using the Ethernet port that is provided with it. This WiFi range extender is perfect for houses with multiple closely spaced rooms and corners. The TP-Link RE305 WiFi range extender costs about Rs. 2,499. For more information about the extender, click here.



Netgear EX6120 (AC1200) **Dual Band Performance**


The Netgear EX6120 is a dual-band WiFi range extender delivering AC dual bandwidth WiFi up to 1200 Mbps. The range extender is small and discrete, making it easy to blend among your home decor. The extender works with any standard WiFi router and is good for HD video streaming and gaming. This is possible due to the presence of FastLane Technology in the device which uses both WiFi bands to establish one strong high-speed connection. The two external antennas provide extra WiFi range coverage. The Ethernet port provided in the extender can be used along with a wired device and can also be used to turn the range extender into an Access Point. The Netgear EX6120 comes with a very intuitive setup process which is as easy as it could get. The Netgear EX6120 is available for Rs. 3,199 in major e-commerce stores. For more technical specifications visit the official website.



TP-Link RE650 (AC2600)


If you’re looking for something superior to outshine the competition then the TP-Link RE650 could be your buy. The TP-Link RE650 WiFi range extender comes with a sleek design and fourfixed external antennas that will make sure that no corner is left behind. The extender uses four-stream for AC2600 dual-band WiFi with speeds up to 800 Mbps on 2.4 GHz + 1733 Mpbs on 5GHz. The extender also supports MIMU which simultaneously transfers data to devices for 4x faster performance. One cannot undermine the beamforming technology it comes with which is something you see on high-end Mesh WiFi routers. The beamforming helps the router to send targeted signals to individual devices for stronger connectivity. The intelligent signal light present on the device helps determine the best location for optimal WiFi coverage around your home. The Gigabit Ethernet port can help power your wired with high-speed internet and can also be used to set up a new access point. Once again the device is compatible with any WiFi route. The TP-Link RE650 comes with a package of amazing quirks and features and can be bought for Rs. 6,999. For more detailed product information, visit the official website.



TP-Link RE505X  (AX1500) **Best for Gaming**


Looking for a WiFi range extender equipped with the next-gen WiFi 6? Well, the wait just got over, because TP-Link has a solution for that too. The TP-Link RE505X houses the latest wireless technology, WiFi 6 which accounts for faster speeds, greater capacity, and reduced network congestion. As seen with other popular brands and their leading-edge designs the router comes with an Ethernet port making it suitable for wired devices as well as setting up an Access Point which enables you to enjoy all the features of the dual-band transmission. The extender supports 1200 Mbps on the 5 GHz band and 300 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz band along with ultra-low latency making you wait less and accomplish more. The strong bandwidth along with two big antennas make sure that your WiFi coverage fills every inch of your house. All of these features can be easily accessed using the TP-Link Tether App which makes the set-up effortless. The cost of the TP-Link RE505X WiFi range extender is Rs. 6,299 and is available on major e-commerce platforms. To know about the product, click here.




So to sum it all up, WiFi Range Extenders are great for giving your current WiFi setup a small boost and increasing the overall coverage of your WiFi signal. The options discussed in the upper section are all excellent picks for their specific price points.

The ones with some extra bells and whistles do cost a higher premium but are worth it taking into consideration the long list of features they have to offer. 

Buyer’s Guide

Overwhelmed about what to look for in a WiFi range extender? Well, we’ve listened to your call for help and narrowed down some of the important specifications that you need to look out for while searching for your ideal WiFi Range Extender.

When should you use a WiFi range extender?
When your WiFi connection is strong enough near the main router but fails to reach some corners of your house, then WiFi range extenders can be a good way to eliminate such WiFi dead zones. Extenders with larger amplifying capacity tend to be expensive but the cost is worth it if that’s what you’re looking for.

How does a WiFi Range Extender work?
Wifi Range Extenders work by rebroadcasting the wifi signals from your main router to your WiFi weak areas of your homes. To do this the Range Extender must be placed in the reachable WiFi range of your main router. WiFi range extenders are easy to set up and good for giving a small boost to your WiFi network.

What is the difference between a WiFi Extender and a Wifi Booster?
In general. WiFi Extenders and WiFi Boosters mean the same and basically accomplish the task of further spreading the WiFi signals to increase their overall range. Both the terms can often be seen being used interchangeably on the internet.

How many antennas should my WiFi range extender have?
Antennas present on a WiFi Range Extender further ease the process of dispersing WiFi radio signals. The greater the number of antennas, the better will be the signal dispersion. WiFi Range Extenders with 4 or moreantennas tend to get expensive.

In conclusion, a WiFi range extender will just help you re-amplify the WiFi signals emitting out of your main router for it to cover a larger area than before. However, if you are working with large data transfer applications, then using a  Mesh WiFi Router setup would be a more appropriate choice for your needs. To get an idea of the best Mesh WiFi Routers available for purchase check the link given below.

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