5 Stunning Table Lamps to Transform Your Office Space

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Best Table Lamps for Office
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A table lamp in your office can serve many purposes. The lamp you choose for your office can play a dynamic role in bringing together the appearance of your space. Just as choosing the right decor pieces plays a subliminal yet powerful role in deciding the vibe of a place, a simple element such as a modest lamp can help in creating and reflecting professionalism, minimalism and a sense of organization. 

We’ve rounded up the best office table lamps for you, based on research and reliable customer reviews so you don’t have to take the trouble to do so. In this blog we’ve included assorted desk lamps that cater to a wide variety of work needs- be it zoom meetings, phone charger, pen holder, all combined with brilliant lighting. The lamps have also been rated out of 5 feature-wise based on their efficiency. Make sure to take a look at the Buyer’s Guide at the end, curated just for you.


i GEAR LED Table Lamp With Clock**Premium Look & Feel**

Panasonic LED Desk Lamp With Phone Holder**Best For Zoom Meetings**

Philips Orbit 5W Colour Changing Adjustable Work Lamp**Best Overall**

Portronics Brillo Lamp With Phone Charging Feature**All in One**

IKEA Work Desk Lamp

i GEAR LED Table Lamp With Clock**Premium Look & Feel**

i GEAR LED Table Lamp With Clock

Price: Rs 2,500

A multifunctional lamp with a luminous screen that displays time, calendar and temperature along with functioning as an alarm clock. This 5 Watt LED acrylic and rubber finish lamp comes in two modest colours- black and brown. Here are the top features of this lamp rated according to its functionality. 

FeaturesStar RatingReason
Light4.5The light is bright in  3 dimming modes
Flexibility5Neck can be bent up, down and sideways
Build Quality5535 gms. The base is sturdy and the lamp feels premium
Aesthetic4Minimalist look that adds a modern touch to your desk space
Power4Can be easily powered by laptop, adapter via usb cable
Compactness5Super resourceful for small desks



Panasonic LED Desk Lamp With Phone Holder **Best For Zoom Meetings**

Panasonic LED Desk Lamp With Phone Holder

Price: Rs 1,743

A multifunctional lamp that’s perfect for the work from home environment. The splendid lighting along with the practical phone holder makes for an immaculate set up for online office meetings on zoom. Now you won’t have to worry about finding the perfect lighting or sitting uncomfortably in front of a window while holding your phone in your hand. 

FeaturesStar RatingReason
Light4.53 brightness modes (Low, Medium, High)
Flexibility3Can only be adjusted up or down.
Build Quality4480 gms. The lamp is lightweight, portable and made of good quality plastic.
Aesthetic4Sleek and elegant look with a colour combination of white and gold. Available in only 1 colour
Power4Rechargeable battery that can be easily powered by adapter/USB cable.
Compactness5Fully Foldable lamp that can be carried, stored and kept anywhere. Conserves space 



Philips Orbit 5W Colour Changing Adjustable Work Lamp **Best Overall**

Philips Orbit 5W Colour Changing Adjustable Work Lamp

Price: Rs 1,599

An excellent product from a trustable brand. Although this Philips Lamp comes only in a singular white shade, it packs some seriously impressive features. Touch control increases the usability of the varied features. Aside from functioning as a work lamp, the ring light can also be used for creative purposes.

FeaturesStar RatingReason
Light5Down to 10% brightness dimming as well as 3 colour modes
Flexibility 5Complete 360-degree flexibility to adjust light however you like.
Build Quality 5Robust polycarbonate material with a neat finish.
Aesthetic4Looks Trendy and stylish on the desk space. Available in whiteonly
Power 5Use with or without connecting to a power source. Fast charging, 2.5 hr battery backup. Also functions as an emergency light.
Compactness 4Not as compact as the above two lamps but is fairly portable.



Portronics Brillo Lamp With Phone Charging Feature **All in One**

Portronics Brillo Lamp With Phone Charging Feature

Price: Rs 799

There’s nothing more annoying than seeing the ‘low battery’ notification on your phone when you finally sit to work. Well, we all own smartphones but have you heard about “smart lamp”? A lamp, a phone charger and a pen holder packed into one product. Sounds too good to be true, right? But it’s real so check out its features!

FeaturesStar RatingReason
Light510 watts LED lamp that provides ample lighting with 3 brightness modes (Low, Medium, High), plus 2 light temperatures
Flexibility5Completely adjustable and foldable neck making it a portable option
Build Quality5Steady, maintains good balance and highly resistant to heat and damage
Aesthetic4Available in black. A one of a kind lamp that looks chic and professional at the same time. 
Power5Wireless output, built-in batteries, rechargeable
Compactness5In-built pen holder + charger keeps the desk clutter-free and saves space.



IKEA Work Desk Lamp

IKEA Work Desk Lamp

Price: 2,790

We’ve talked about a lot of multipurpose lamps packed with remarkable features. But if you’re someone who prioritises visual appeal, this could be your pick. It’s a bit on the higher end but has garnered a boatload of impressive reviews because of its lustrous finish and vintage vibe.

FeaturesStar RatingReason
Light3.540-watt direct lighting. No adjustable lighting modes
Flexibility4Adjustable head and arm  
Build QualityBuilt of alloy steel, sturdy and reliable
Aesthetic5Adds a classy vintage touch 
Power3Electric corded. Needs power source at all times
Compactness4Convenient for small to medium-sized desks 



Buyer’s Guide

We’ve made sure to include only the best and top-rated lamps in this listicle, and hence you’ll have a positive experience with all of the lamps no matter which one you choose to go for. However, to simplify your shopping experience further, here are some FAQs that you may want to go through while selecting a suitable lamp for your office desk.

How do I choose an office lamp?

What needs do you want the product to fulfil- appropriate lighting for video calls, utilising desk space efficiently, functioning as a clock or enhancing the visual appearance of your space are some of the factors you can think about to find the lamp that aligns with your specific needs. 

How Big Should a lamp be on a table?

The lamp you choose should be in accordance with the size & space of your desk. For smaller desks, the i GEAR LED lamp or the Panasonic LED lamp are the right fit. If you have more space to spare, you can go for the IKEA desk lamp or Philips Orbit Colour Changing Lamp.  

What kind of lamp do you use for a desk?

LED lamps that provide direct lighting are appropriate for desks. An LED lamp with 5-10 wattage is recommended for sufficient lighting for working. 

What is the best lighting for working on a computer?

Ambient, glare-free and overhead lighting is best for working on computers. We’ve provided both options, a bulb lamp as well as LED lamps with adjustable modes so that you can pick your desired lighting. 

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