Women’s Guide for What to Wear when Travelling to Dubai

Amit Kapoor


Planning a trip to the Middle East? Then you must be googling what to wear in Dubai in June? Given the climatic conditions, you should be prepared as per the weather and all your packing should revolve around the weather of the country in which you are travelling. Till now you must have made a list of all the essentials you should pack with yourself while you plan to roam around the Arabian city and explore the unseen and magnificent structures and places. If not, you must make one or you can just follow Asaan’s guide on top things to wear when travelling to the Middle East with your partner or family hence lessening your burden and simplifying your travel planning.

When talking about the weather, one can’t find a variety of climates in middle eastern countries other than summers and winters for 6 months’ period each. This guide will focus on all the clothing essentials one must wear in summers while having the time of a fortune in prestigious and developed the Middle East.

Uplifting Upper wear


If you are unable to select what to pack when it comes to upper wear clothing, always keep in mind which places you want to visit or what your itinerary for the trip. When you want to visit restaurants, malls and pubs, you can literally wear anything you like just remember you are travelling to the Middle East so avoid clothing staples which are too revealing. You can go for any kind of tops, frock top dresses, casual shirts, jumpsuits, tank t-shirts etc.

On your trip to the desert area avoid skin-tight tops and wear loose clothing staples or crop top would work like a charm as you will need to beat the heat. When you plan to go at beaches, swimsuits and Bikinis are always the ideal choices to wear near water. Just cover yourself with a pashmina or a cardigan when heading back to your hotel in order to avoid public stares.

Gracing Bottom Wear


To match your bottom wear, you should pack in your favourite women's denim if you want to wear shirts or tops to snap a casual and comfortable look. Bored of wearing denim? You can always choose to wear dresses (short or long) and pretty skirts  (which you got as a birthday gift last year).

And Lastly the Footwear


When it comes to footwear, you can wear flats when travelling to desert areas. Dinner dates and brunches can go with heels. Around the water, flip-flops and sandals would be the cool thing to put on while sipping a mojito and injecting some suntan into your skin.