Top 5 Headphones To Buy at Souq

Pradhumnya Khanayat

Looking for a nice pair of headphones? Then you must be searching for 'best headphones for music lover' and the results are endless. Choosing a decent pair of headphones can sometimes be a confusing task as the manufacturer makes different headphone pairs according to the different consumer needs and what the majority demands. if you are a bass lover, then you should prefer some particular headphones made only to highlight the base frequencies. If you are a casual music listener, then a balanced sound would be apt for your needs. So it all depends upon your needs and requirements. Here in this guide, you can find out some of the best headphones for both music lover and music producers as these headphones provide some great outputs. 

1.Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro


The brand has a great history in presenting the music lovers with fantastic sounding audio gear in the market. The brand never compromises when it comes to ultra-rich audio quality a listener or a producer needs while reviewing different styles of music. The brand competes with names like Sennheiser and is able to satisfy every music lover who just adores rich soulful sound in the form of ultimate bliss. You can visit Souq store at Asaan’s website to buy this product at amazing discounts. You can also use Souq coupon code to get instant discount on your order.

2.Sony WH-1000XM2


When it comes to Sony, the expectations are very high and fortunately, this headphone walks miles ahead of all our expectations. This particular headphone comes up with great comfortable design and amazing noise cancellation features with added wireless design at the top. If you want balanced wireless headphones where all the frequencies have rich sounds, then Sony WH-1000XM2 would be the perfect choice for the music lover inside you.

3 Audio Technica ATH-M50x


Audio Technica is everyone's favorite when it comes to superior sounds and extraordinary output. With a brand name like Audio Technica, you can’t have wasteful second thoughts about the product as the brand always provide the best ranges of headphones for music listening or for audio monitoring. If you are a music listener or a producer, Audio Technica will never disappoint you in any form.

4 Bose QuietComfort 35 II


There is not much of a change in these Bose headphones compared to their predecessors except google assistant can be summoned with just press of a button which was lacking in the previous version by Bose. In terms of sound quality, the headphones have not seen a drastic improvement but still its worth the shot as Bose are the one with extreme reliability and consistent performance over the time. Now you can grab this at 13% off the price at Souq. Use Souq coupon to avail discount on your order.

5 Jabra Elite Active 65t


These wireless earbuds can easily be termed under the top 3 wireless earbuds after the game changer Apple earbuds. Definitely, the earpods by Apple dominates the wireless market but Jabra with this price tag is too close to be the perfect wireless sensation. The Jabra Elite Active 65t is the perfect fitness earbuds which fit the ears perfectly and there is no chance of the bud to loose and fall onto the ground. If you are planning to buy one, Souq has the exact same product priced at SAR 1099. You can always use Souq coupon code to get exclusive discounts on your shopping.