Top 5 Brands in the Middle East For Every Fashion Conscious 

Pradhumnya Khanayat

The fashion scene is rapidly changing around the world but especially in the Middle East, the pace is a little faster. With changing fashion scenarios, brands also have to adapt themselves to survive in the rapidly changing fashion industry of the Middle East. As people in the Middle East are liberating, so does the fashion choices of the citizens are changing, wanting to move in a forward and modern direction. Every fashion enthusiast wants to pull off every kind of dress without breaking any of their cultural traditions. Searching for the perfect brand having perfect Muslim fashion clothes is a difficult and daunting task. But at Asaan we brought you with Top 5 brands you can shop for modern fashion in the Middle East. Designed to meet perfection, these below mentioned brands showcase best of fashion absolutely perfect to wear for different occasions and any given scenarios in which none of the values and traditions is harmed.

Next Ummah


When it's time to talk about the perfect blend of western pop culture with the Islamic tradition, the Brand Next Umamah emerges as a hero savouring best of the fashion whether its street or traditional. The brand focuses on building a bond forever between the west and the Islam through their west inspired clothing staples with a creative tint of Islamic Tradition. Next Ummah could be your one-stop destination to shop for all the clothing staples for every season and occasion. Visit their online website now to check some of their best designs they have rolled out like the ‘Malcom X men’ tee or ‘Sunnah’ tee etc.



Brand founded in the year 2016, the brand is very much focused on sharing the eminent beauty of Palestinian culture around the globe. The brand always tries to present their fashion collection with artistic expression to won hearts of many worldwide. Their clothing collection is centred for peace depicting the rich architectural and traditional culture of the country Palestine. They offer amazing ranges of street fashion and casual wear clothing for men and women to flaunt while being the coolest person in the neighbour. Marking their permanent position in the market of Middle East, the PalRoots is set to sail big times in the Arab countries for not only for their clothing ranges but also for the value they share while selling their products to Muslims in the GCC.



If you are a streetwear fan but hangs back due to certain street designs, then this brand is perfect for you to shop til you drop as it perfectly blends the streetwear fashion with the Muslim or Islamic traditions and you would be awarded with super casual look for the evening whilst maintain your sophisticated image in the neighbour. The Indonesian brand is master in what they do and believes us, they do an awesome job of mixing up Islamic culture and street fashion while maintaining all the cultural norms. The products are not too expensive and perfectly designed for the modern Islamic fashion.

Twelve Pieces


Founded by a 24-year-old fashion designer Amir Hassan, the brand celebrates and dances along the soulful music of Muslim traditions and vast cultural norms. Capturing every season and every Muslim feel in this clothing line of design, the young designer never lacks to surprise his audience to find something out of the box and something more connected to the Muslim heritage. Instead of founding perfection in others, the brand values a person's own importance which it shows in their every fashion piece. The designer has provided the fashion industry with many breaking collections such as ‘Capsule 'Collections’, ‘Roots Collection’ depicting the spring season in Arab and many more. If you are wanting to shop something worthy to wear, this brand is perfect to give a classy appeal to your body.

Halal Socks


Founded in 2017 by a Muslim couple, Halal socks in the brand wore by the president of Canada. Started as an idea, now the brand is the face of quirky and creative designs in the Middle East. the brand is all about celebrating the Muslim culture where people can enjoy quirky designs and playful colours without tackling inferior fashion products to look more sophisticated. With amazing designs, shoppers can buy superior quality products at great prices. The popular designs in the list include Crescent moons, Mosques, Shawarma and more depicting core value of Arab culture and tradition in a funny and quirky way.