Top 10 places to visit in UAE

Vasu Arora

Are you planning for going abroad on these vacations? Well hold on to that check, UAE can offer you the dream vacation that you may have never thought. With development at its peak, most beautiful and iconic skylines and the renowned beach resorts, UAE is the perfect place spent one’s vacations with family.

With all these advantages the hospitality is so luxurious that one cannot imagine. From the outstanding service during the travel to the warm and extravagant welcome in Abu Dhabi, the experience is resonant that it makes you feel that you are in heaven. And for a bonus, you can use discount coupons to save your money. Flyin coupon code is one of the examples.

So, without wasting more time lets get to the list of the top 10 places that you can visit during your trip to UAE:

Burj Khalifa: 


This one doesn’t need any introduction. It’s the tallest skyscraper till now and is world famous. It’s also the tallest freestanding structure in the world. Its elevator has the longest travel distance, has the highest occupied floor in the world and has the highest number of stories in the world. Use Rehlat discount code and the similar options for a beautiful experience at fewer expenses.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque: 


This modern mosque is situated in Abu Dhabi. This incredible beauty is the perfect mixture of modern and ancient Muslim art and architecture. It dazzles with a gorgeous and massive amount of gold, glass ornaments and beautiful tiles, marbles and white stone. So, this is the must visit place for you.

Hajar Mountains: 


These are situated in north-eastern Oman and fall a bit part in the UAE. With its heart touching scenes, crumply roads which connect small heaven like villages. If you love trekking, mountain climbing, hiking and taking photos, then you can give a visit.

Sharjah Art Museum: 


This museum consists of art and pictures of concurrent and skilled artists from all around the middle east. It’s the most well-known, spectacular and diverse art gallery in the UAE. Anybody can forget the desert atmosphere in this art gallery, and it gives a beautiful memory.

Jebel Hafeet: 


High crest adventurers and lovers visit and enjoy this place. It’s the second highest peak in the Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. Its located somewhere between UAE and Oman. The Jebel Hafeet gives a panoramic view of the desert with green Mubazzarah in its foothill.

Al Bastakiya: 


This heritage area is the last remaining speck of old Dubai. It is the most straightforward part of Dubai where there is no skyscraper situated. One can visit there and can revise the old memories of Dubai. It consists of old Arabian buildings with old architecture styles, and some also have that wind tower feature too. It’s the home of a various number of museums also.

Dubai’s Miracle Garden: 


With this, it is proved that greenery could be anywhere. This garden is the largest flower garden in the world and is situated in the middle of a desert. The garden consists of around seventy types of flowers. So, which is your favorite flower?



Beaches are the central part of the UAE. They are the main tourist attraction, and there is a lot of them to choose from. From Abu Dhabi to Fujairah and most importantly Dubai, there are many beaches with the best hospitality and services. So, you can go to any one of them, all are good.

The Souks:


 Many tourists are shopping seekers. There are many malls in Dubai, but there is no competition to the souks (street market). The Deira district, in Dubai, is a well known and main attraction. You can find some local handcrafted footwear, décor, and clothing at a much affordable price. Planning for a UAE trip and want to experience lavishing hotel stay, then we have got you covered from tip to toe. At website, you can avail instant discounts on ultra-luxurious hotels by using coupon making the experience more economical and enthralling.

Dubai mall: Well talking about the mall, this mall is the most premium mall in Dubai and also gives the entry to the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Aquarium. It consists of gaming Atcomplexes, cinema complex, and ice-skating rings. And eating and shopping is almost endless. This mall is a must for a visit.

So, plan your next vacation to Dubai and explore these exotic locations and enjoy with your family. You can avail the coupon options like Almosafer coupon code while preparing for the trip as who doesn’t love the extra discount while traveling to great places across the world.