Things to wear during pregnancy period

Amit Kapoor

Pregnancy can be a very overwhelming period for a woman if not carried out in a proper and planned way. With every step being planned, why to compromise on maternity clothing and maternity fashion. Besides taking care of their health, women should also be taking care of the best clothing for maternity to provide you stability and comfortability with style. When the pregnancy hits you in the uterus, never let your style fade away in any condition. In this guide, we have compiled a list of all the fashion staples you will be needing to get over with the most beautiful phase of your life in style.



These are the most important fashion staple, without it pregnancy would be just an uncomfortable mess. A good pair of maternity leggings can be easily paired with literally many clothing choices like tops, jackets, coats and many other fashion staples. Leggings are super comfortable and stylish in every way. You just have to keep up with the color combinations and design and you're set to keep your foot outside your house. If you want to shop for some of the best women’s leggings in ksa, then you must visit once the Mothercare online store. With Mothercare coupon code, and Mothercare discount code one can easily grab exclusive varieties of maternity fashion clothing at less prices.



Tunics are always comfortable and stylish to wear. Though they are simple this is what makes them more adorable and elegant. If you want to go for minimalist style, then there would not be something better than a decent bright colored tunics. Avoid going for dark colors as it will make you look dull in one of the most precious period of time.

Maxi Dress


Every maternity shopping list must have a maternity maxi dress to make your journey of pregnancy a smooth ride. Maxi dresses are always comfortable and stylish and also they come in dozens of varieties and colors to choose from. One also needs simple footwear to pair with a maxi dress when going out for an evening stroll. Maxi dresses are the package of both style and utmost comfort due to its design and cool fabrics to start with. Another thing is that maxi dresses will be your companion in every stage of your pregnancy whether its first or the last phase. So putting your bets on the maxi dresses would be harmful at all. Mothercare would always be your best option to shop for maternity maxi dresses as the store provides exclusive Mothercare coupon code and Mothercare Voucher Code for you to shop some of the supreme products at reduced prices.

Big Size Tank Top


Maternity tops are one of the popular style staples when it comes to the comfort level in the time of pregnancy. With countless designs, one can easily make a great outfit with just simple clothing staples. If you plan to go for lunch or an evening dinner, you can wear a cardigan over a tank top to look appealing. Bottoms can be summed up with boyfriend jeans which are baggy and will be like a boon to you in the pregnancy phase.

Wrap Dress


When your baby is getting bigger inside your belly, you have to change your attire as your old clothes are bluntly denying to fit you. In those times when you need something loose apparel to just wrap around your waist, Wrap dress is the perfect attire. A wrap dress is perfect loose-fitting apparel to provide you classiness and utmost elegance. You can visit Mothercare online store to shop amazing quality wrap dresses at discounted prices by using Mothercare coupon code and Mothercare Coupon