The Ultimate Eid Men’s Fashion Guide 2018

Pradhumnya Khanayat

As the Eid-Al-Fitr is coming closer and closer with each passing day, the excitement is raging to its verge. The holy festival brings lots of joy and happiness. With delightful food to new dazzling clothes, everything has its own glamour. But sometimes its difficult to select what to wear pre- Eid and what to wear when celebrating it or when going to the mosques. In this post, we have tried to solve your dilemma by presenting the Ultimate guide on men’s fashion during the time of Eid festival. The post will include all the necessary clothing staples and accessories one needs to rock while donning it on the Eid celebration at the relative's house or at a family function or just at your home celebrating with your close ones.

The Saudi Qamis


Popularly known as Thobe or a Thawb, the staples are long sleeved dress representing the centerpiece of highly adorning Saudi traditional culture and their practices. The staples are very basic and are worn by pretty much every male in the country. Usually, Thobes are only made in white color in order to keep the body temperature cool during summers as Saudi Arabia has an infamous temperature record. The cotton and synthetic fabric make it easier and lightweight to wear during the summer season. The perfect traditional clothing- a Thobe is pretty much liked by every other man in Saudi Arabia due to its simplicity and the connection to the unique tradition and culture of Saudi Arabia. If you want to adorn an attire which represents tradition and is also super comfortable to wear, then a Thobe is a pretty good staple which you can shop while shopping for the coming Eid-Al-Fitr.

The Saudi Coat


Being one of the most popular clothing essential in all the Arab countries, the Saudi Coat or also known as the ‘Bisht’ is a fine garment which is usually worn over the Qamis or the Thobe. The Bisht is only a selective choice which is generally worn by the Arabs on some special occasions or traditional functions related to religion or weddings. The Saudi Coat or Bisht is manufactured in various different colors to make the style more versatile and diverse in nature. Normally the colors which are abundant are beige, brown, gray, cream or black. To make the clothing staple more classy, it is generally embroidered, pouring down the neckline and closes by the use of two strings with golden tassels attached on the waist. At this Eid-Al-Fitr, the traditional Bisht is a must have while shopping for the latest men’s eid fashion online.

The Shemagh


One thing that Arab men would never ignore in their attire is the popular Shemagh. It is basically a men’s scarf having red and white checkered patterns paired with a Thobe or a traditional Saudi Bisht. The essential staple is always worn on the head or on a Taqiyah which is a cap helping the Shemagh to keep in place and provides steadiness throughout day and night. The emblem of tradition and culture of Arabian countries, the Shemagh could be categorized as the most important staple in a man’s wardrobe. The Shemagh is made of cotton and wool depending upon the season. Summer generally go with cotton Shemagh and Wool in winters. The accessory over the head protects the wearer from the harsh sun and sandy winds blowing on a rough day. If you willing to shop clothing essentials for the upcoming Eid-Al-Fitr then the Shemagh would be on top of your list as without it traditional clothing will never be complete desire.

The Sandals


Mostly unnoticed, the sandals serve as one of the major accessories of all times. As most of the times summer occupies the weather of the Arab countries, it's very hard to roam around the burning ground in shoes. In order to be more comfortable and calm, sandals are the best companion on a long sunny day. They can cheap and expensive at the same time depending on the material used while it's manufacturing. But generally, Men ’s sandals are not very costly and can be added to your Eid-Al-Fitr shopping list without any further adieu. Don’t forget to browse Elabelz fashion store to shop some of the best choices when it comes to men’s sandals as the store always provides amazing Elabelz coupon and Elabelz coupon code to its customers in order to boost sales and increase the discount amount of their products.



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