Most Trending Abayas in 2018 for Modern Women

Amit Kapoor

Abaya style has come a very long way if we compare it with their traditional approach. Before women only wore basic black abayas but now every woman in donn colorful abayas according to different seasons and occasions. The fashion designers in the Middle East have a major contribution in changing the abaya fashion scene in the GCC countries. Now women can drive and wear colorful clothing as per their wishes. Every modern woman wants to have updated fashion staples. So in this guide, we have come up with the most essential fashion clothing for women without which no women can step outside their home walls. The abayas are experiencing a major trend shift, so why not go with the updated trend and follow the latest fashion pattern. Follow this guide to find out the latest and ultra-modern type of abayas every woman can buy from local online stores in order to wear statement fashion clothing and accessories when stepping out of their houses. Read below to find out the most trending abayas of 2018 every modern woman should purchase from online stores like Namshi, Ounass, and Elabelz. While Ounass and Elabelz are popular for their designer wears, Namshi can provide you the luxury of shopping designers as well as fashion clothing on a budget if you don’t want to shop designer clothing but still want to be a fashion star of 2018 of your neighborhood.

Reversible Abayas

The trend is very popular in the Middle East as reversible abayas are basically benefit of two in one abaya. Easy to drape and maintain, these types of abayas automatically tend to become famous among ladies and modern woman due to their simplicity and basic style stance in 2018.


Woven Abayas


If you are the one looking for something out of the box, then this abaya is just the perfect fashion staple to order home. Providing eccentricity and comfort, this abaya would be your ultimate fashion statement staple to wear this winter. With classic looks and basic design, the abaya will easily win the hearts of many onlookers easily. Just pick yours at Namshi fashion store and glam up your wardrobe in seconds. Pick best offers and amazing Namshi coupon code and Namshi deals at Asaan to get the best out of your online shopping in Saudi Arabia.

Drape Abayas


These type of abayas are somewhat new in the industry but when it comes to modest fashion, these are the best women can order to wear to look abruptly fashionable. Pick this type of abayas if you want to gain a sudden attraction from the onlookers. Pick the best collection of most trendy and modest drape abaya at Elabelz store. Elabelz in UAE and KSA has some of the best abayas in town. Visit Asaan and pick amazing Elabelz coupon code and Elabelz coupon to shop and save more on your online shopping.

Embroidered Top Abayas


If a function is coming and you can’t think of what to wear which is a great mix of sophistication, comfort and which have the latest style statement, you can blindly choose Embroidered Abayas. They will make you feel modish and queenly everytime you wear these type of style statements on some specific occasions and get together.

Sporty Abayas


If you are into sports and hesitate to wear the gym leggings and jogging pants, then you can update your wardrobe with the latest sporty abayas which can easily help you complete all the fashion laps with utmost comfort. Days are gone when jogging pants and leggings were only the option. Practice your sport freely without worrying about how you appeal to the population as this abaya is very basic while having superpowers to be ultra-casual and comfortable while you practice all your sporting practice without any hesitation and fear. Elabelz has some of the best sports abayas and abaya collection and to grab extra discounts on your order visit Asaan and pick best discounts and Elabelz coupon codes to save up to SAR 500 on your online shopping orders and purchases.