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The shirt has survived generations and still remains one of the best formal attire for men. This classic piece of clothing has passed the test of time and still remains to be the favorite among men. No matter where you are headed to, a formal or a casual, a shirt is a perfect choice. Available in a variety of styles which can be matched with shorts, jeans, trousers, and most importantly suits. Here is a compiled style guide for men’s best shirts for 2019.



It is perfect for any formal occasion and is one of the best styles. This kind of shirt comes in a variety of colors and prints which you can wear according to your mood. The collar is wide which is the best part of this style. This gives you the option of wearing a tie if you wish or even skip to wear a tie. Although a little expensive, these shirts are a must buy since these are the best quality shirts. You can match up your dress shirt with your favorite pair of trousers and be absolutely ready for all kinds of formal events. If the event is very formal, it is best to stick with a plain white shirt.



Casual shirts are perfect for summer nights and outings. You can go with a casual shirt if you want to show off your personality by adding a bit of pattern and colors without being overboard. You can pair up your casual shirt with some denim shorts or trousers and you are perfectly ready for an evening on a beach. You can even opt for a plain T-shirt beneath an unbuttoned patterned shirt for an easy look.



A denim shirt is a classic piece which feels extremely stylish no matter your age. You can pair up a denim shirt with anything without any fuss about colors. The old style of ‘double denim’ has entered the fashion. Simply go with your denim shirt and jeans and layer up with denim jackets of a different darker color for a complete look.



A camouflage print is a classy look which everyone wishes for at some point or the other. Everyone has wished once to be in the army of sorts completely dressed from head to toe in a camouflage print. To live this fantasy, simply choose a camouflage shirt with a pair of light or dark chinos either in black or brown. Complete this look with a pair of loafers.



A Hawaiian shirt is perfect if you want to express your style and personality. Extremely versatile, the Hawaiian shirt due to its vibrant nature and color goes easily on a lighter pair of jeans or chinos. You can wear some flip flops if you are headed to a holiday. This is the perfect outfit if summer is on the horizon. There is an important precaution that you should take while wearing a vibrant Hawaiian shirt. Avoid these on first dates or formal events.



Everyone is a fan of checked shirts as it can do wonders with your look. The little checked squares can make your figure look slimmer by creating an illusion in the onlooker's eyes. No wonder, these are a hit among most of the men. Checked shirts can also be matched easily with a pair of jeans or trousers. You also have a choice of layering up your checked shirt above a plain t-shirt for a much easy look. Checked shirts come in a variety of colors mostly red, black and green.



Floral t-shirts have not been much of a hit in the past, but this year it is gaining more and more popularity. Just like a checked shirt, it creates an illusion and even out your frame. You can pair up your floral t-shirt with a pair of dark color jeans. Depending on the occasion you can finish up the look with a pair of black boots or white trainers. You can look for the trendiest floral t-shirts at stores with the Namshi coupon.



The most classic shirt among the entire lot is the simple plain shirt. No matter where you are going, you can opt for a plain shirt. Be it a casual occasion or a formal event, go with a plain shirt, without having any worry. It is timeless and can be paired up with absolutely anything- be it a pair of jeans- light or dark, chinos or a trouser. The only thing you need to decide is the color and then you are good to go.

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