Hijab Fashion to Sport this Eid 2018

Pradhumnya Khanayat


If you are busy in Eid 2018 shopping, then it's a no surprise you haven’t decided what to wear and donn during the time of festivities. Can’t find the perfect hijab fashion style after endless browsing and surfing on the internet? Throw away all your worries as here at Asaan, you can find the best women's dresses and hijab style to donn this Eid 2018. Read further to find out our lists and recommendations about the latest and best hijab styles to wear this Eid 2018.

White on White

Image Credits: @rymoraby

Pretty basic but looks most stylish to wear. You don’t have to gaze at the color wheel for an endless amount of time and deciding which color will go with what. You can simply donn an all-white attire to look classy and more elegant this Eid. besides being simple, the white tends to attract more attention and will help you stand apart from the crowd. Throw some of the accessories like statement necklaces and wristbands having poppy color to give in some versatility to your outfit.

The Perfect Streetwear

Image Credits: @hijabmuslim

When it comes to Hijab street style, sometimes it's difficult to maintain the modern and modest look at the same time. Streetwear hijab style must be easy going and on the other hand, must maintain a perfect style stance for a great outfit. To rock the street style with an unnoticeable ease, you can always rely on blue denim and a casual top. You can choose light colors to keep the look subtle and smooth. Fixate on colors like white, light purple, light pink, or light blue to give matching contrast with the blue denim. White sneakers will work perfectly with this street attire. Light and casual textured cross body bag would suffice the purpose of a casual outfit.

The minimalist Attire

Image Credits: @ascia

When you are aiming for minimalist attire with hijab, it's an easy task but many find it daunting. You can follow the basic style guide and achieve minimalistic style stature by pairing your hijab with striped long skirts or striped jumpsuits. Put on your statement accessories like statements belts and earrings to flaunt with your hijab. In KSA, Elabelz has some freakishly premium variety of Hijabs and statement Jewellery to add in your closet for this Eid 2018. Gain more discounts and deals by using Elabelz coupon code at Asaan and shop without worrying about your festive budget. 

Eid Festivity Look

     Image Credits: @hijabstyleicon

Eid is the coming festival and we know you want to look your best when the time comes. To express modest but not so over the top style, you must select something simple having a traditional appeal. The hijab and the dress must be of same texture and color to provide the picture perfect look for the day. Flats or bellies are always the perfect choices as it gives maximum comfort and great style appeal with any outfit. Complete you modest and modern look with a premium clutch or handbag hence providing you with all your essentials during the rush days of the festivities. When talking about Eid shopping, Sivvi can't be missed out. Now you can earn more discount on fashion shopping at Sivvi websites as at Asaan, you can find out exclusive Sivvi coupon codes and Sivvi discount code which you can use on Sivvi online website to save flat 25% off upon your shopping. 

Keeping It Casual

   Image Credits: @hijabstyleicon

If you want to head out for an evening dinner or having a small family get together, snapping something casual and comfortable would always be the smart choice. Drawstring women pants paired with blouse tops could be the perfect evening attire to snap ultra-casual look. If you are heading for light colored pants and top, then choose something dark in color for the hijab. Add Light colored sneakers to complete the super casual outfit.