Best summer destinations in Europe

Amit Kapoor

Be ready to beat the heat this summer season by visiting the mesmerizing and one of the top favorite Europe locations. Encompassed by saltwater on three sides, boasting with lakes, and soaring mountain ranges – Europe is spoiled for choice in regards to your summer vacations.

Let’s know about the best of Europe, and then all you need is the Emirates coupon code to grab the first flight.


capri island europe

If you are a beach bum - Capri, Italy is waiting for you! With its beautiful scenes, you will fall under the enchantment of this Italian island — time to chill as many celebrities do.

The island has a lot on offer for the tourists. You can dive into the blue waters of Capri or meander around its beautiful gardens. Book a sea-facing hotel and awake every morning, viewing the beautiful landscape.


crotia europe

Croatia has got something for every voyager. It’s an all-time favorite summer destination since recent years. Well, believe us this ex-Yugoslavian country is worth the trend. Here you get to retreat on its trendy islands Hvar and Korcula. You can also go for a sightseeing tour of the historic towns of Dubrovnik and Split. The country also boasts picturesque beaches and eight national parks having diverse wildlife.


crete europe

Crete, Greece features a few of the crystal clear beaches with emerald green waters. Crete is also one of the best choices for having an offbeat tour during the summer season. It houses gorgeous pink sand beaches, vast canyons, traditional villages, and more to have a relaxing holiday. This place deserves to be in your upcoming summer Euro trip.


hebrides europe

The Hebrides island is separated off the west coast of Scotland. The efficient ferry system well connects with its harbors. Thus, the islands are easy to access and have several accommodation options.

There are a lot of activities to make your trip worthwhile. You can indulge in hiking over low jagged peaks, and beside beaches. If you love bird watching, you will find entire sea heaps masked in nesting seabirds and various rare species.

Further, kayakers can have a great time while paddling in its protected coves. Also, when here visit the magnificent rock formations and sea caves.


prague fashion destination europe

This spot is light on the wallet but huge on culture. Prague draws in every kind of traveler. From youngsters to seniors, everyone will enjoy their summer holidays here. The distinctive Old Town features centuries-old buildings while a new square contains modern construction.

You can rent a bike to roam around or use public transportation to have the best time in this town. Gothic churches, Astronomical Clock, and yes, stroll on the Charles Bridge will leave you admiring the whole trip.


reykjavik island europe

Iceland’s capital is an ideal summer destination for people who are interested in wilderness adventuring. But you will return to the comfort of civilization after a tough hiking day.

Here you get to explore the secluded charm of Iceland’s panorama. Also, you can rejuvenate yourself with Reykjavik's spa at one of its many natural hot springs! The place is a natural wonder, so if you are a nature lover use Rehlat coupon to book your summer trip to this destination as soon as possible.


porto europe

Porto is a city in Portugal which is small enough to experience in 2 days. Though the town is compensating to voyagers willing to invest their time in exploring its tangled medieval heart around its gold-leaf-bejeweled churches and cathedrals.

Additionally, contemporary architecture all across the city offers you Insta-worthy pictures. This place has a lot of sightseeing destinations like neoclassical Palácio da Bolsa, Igreja de São Francisco’s baroque finery, Serralves museum, the Museu da Misericórdia do Porto, and Jardins do Palácio de Cristal.


sicily europe

Sicily is another great choice in Italy. What makes it unique is its gorgeous landscape that will make you go weak in your knees. No doubt breathtaking views in Sicily is like a dream come true!

It is one of the biggest and the most charming islands in the Mediterranean. Wander around its historical sites and linger on its glistening beaches to make the most of your summer holidays in Sicily.


berlin europe

Berlin, Germany is a fine blend of the experimental and classical style. It is a place where you can feel the diversity of Europe.

The city has a plethora of options for tourists ranging from history, performing arts, and adventure sports to culinary spectacle, and nightlife. Apart from this, Berlin also astonishes everybody with its skeletal buildings, abandoned spy stations, and WWII bunkers transformed into underground clubs; scattered throughout the town.

Berlin claims Europe’s most cost-effective and time-efficient transport systems.

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