Best Places to visit in Riyadh

Vasu Arora

Most people think that Riyadh is a very strict and unpleasant city which does not have many activities to do. But if you are thinking that way, you are absolutely wrong. Though it is a strict city, it consists of a number of places to visit which you can explore. You don't need to drive very far to find a place with a few things to do.

The next time you plan a holiday you must visit this beautiful city about which people have many misconceptions. Even the Emirates flights and the Rehlat website offer some discount in the month of June. If you will go to the Emirates website, it will offer you an Emirates coupon code and just like that Rehlat discount code is provided by Rehlat website by which you will get the discount only in June. Only Flyin coupon code is offered by Flyin website which provides the discount on flights in July. Here are the places that you should certainly visit when going to Riyadh.

1) Red Sand Dunes


It is also known as the hidden valley and is in northeastern Riyadh. It is located close to the Kharrarah park and is an hour away from Riyadh city. It is one of the most popular destinations for locals and tourists as well. You can easily rent a four-wheeler (ATV) as private vehicles are not allowed there inside, drive yourself and have the best time.

2) The diplomatic quarter parks


It is located on the edge of Wadi Hanifa. It is accommodation for diplomats and also for the embassy area. More than 30 parks/ gardens are existing in this huge park with not just lush greenery, also provide you space in abundance where you can spend a relaxing time and walk calmly. The park is impeccably maintained and offers you picnic area, courtyards, fountains, unique landscaping, private seating areas, shaded walkways and interesting rock formation which will allure you.

3) The edge of the world


It is situated in Acacia valley which is one of the special and unique destinations in Riyadh. It is on a cliff and has a breathtaking view. If you are visiting there, make sure you see fossils, which used to be the ocean bottom a long time ago. This place is approximately 90 km outside the Riyadh city. It is day visit destination as gates are closed by 6 pm.

4) The King’s Forest


It is commonly known as Rawadat Khuraim. It is a perfect getaway for a day from Riyadh away from the city's hustle and bustle. The park has a restricted area which people can't access as it is a sanctuary for exotic species like gazelles. If you are fond of safari's and wildlife excites you, this is the place to go.

5) Wadi Hanifa


It is a valley which runs from northwest to southeast of Riyadh and for the dry region of Riyadh, it has unique geographical features.

Apart from all these, there are still many things you can visit and all of them are worth seeing. But the places above mentioned should not be missed anyhow if you are going to this wonderful city.