Beginners Guide to Perfumes

Pradhumnya Khanayat


Choosing the ideal perfume in the overpopulated perfume and cologne market can be daunting at many a time. Given different notes and vibes, a beginner can feel his sweat coming down the head while ordering online a perfume according to his budget and preferences. This guide will provide you some confidence while selecting amazing smelling perfume and will also help you to increase your knowledge of perfumes and fragrances and what are the best online shops to order amazing perfumes at discounted prices. The first step to understanding the world of men's fragrances and perfumes for women is to grasp a good knowledge of what are different notes and scales of fragrances which decides the characteristics of a perfume. Read below about the different kinds of notes and what type of perfumes come under that note.


Top Notes:

The first human interaction with a perfume is always with the top notes. The notes depict the light, bright or citrusy flavor of the perfume. The top notes are basically present in the uppermost layer of a fragrance and decide the basic smell structure of a perfume.

Middle Notes:

After the top notes of a fragrance fade away, the middle notes acts as the ruling party that decides what should a perfume smell like. These notes usually include the sense of florals, fruits, and spices.

Base Notes:

After describing the smelling structure of a perfume, it's time to determine the longevity of a fragrance. Base notes are those which tells a person for how much time a perfume can last for. These notes often named as woods, moss, and mush. This is the only characteristic of a perfume that helps a person to make a decision before opting a perfume.

Purpose of the Fragrance


After deciding which notes you want to add to your collection, it's time to decide the purpose of the fragrance or the perfume you are purchasing. An individual has to decide whether he wants the perfume for a special occasion or for regular use purpose. For a memorable occasion, one must always choose a signature scent that depicts a special scent relating to particular memories of childhood or adulthood. For regular use, one must try to choose fragrances that help to refresh the mind and body at the same time and also long lasting perfumes are better for daily use. Perfume a person should wear in on weekdays should be different from weekends.

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