Asaan- A One Stop Shop For Lifestyle

Santu Kumar

Let me ask you, have you ever been to a store with just the kind of apparels you don’t wear or will never wear? Or have you ever been in a situation of dilemma that would it be worth to buy a dress and no one was there to guide you through the process? I bet that the answer to both questions would be, Yes. So, what do you do in such situations is that either call a friend or stick to the reviews that other people have got for it. That sounds like a situation with too much hassle. Well, there is one place where you can get both and that too much easier and that place is Asaan- Your one stop shop for lifestyle.

With all e-commerce portals giving you a thousand options to buy but not giving you as which one would be good builds up a foundation for Social commerce websites to emerge and give the users ease of buying. Want a t-shirt, your friend would help you out then and there. Also, there is a community of shoppers giving you a varied list of products that they have already been on a journey with. They would provide you with the most genuine aspect of the product that would make your choice easier and would give you a taste of the latest fashion trends as what is good and happening in the online shopping industry.

A trust that builds your way into the world of fashion and would make you explore more ways to make your online shopping worthwhile. This is the stage where Social commerce has made its way into every home. You got your shopping pal handy and the best part is, you get the most genuine and the best price. Your envious friend just bought a dress that you dreamt of but don’t know how and where to find, Asaan’s community of buyers would help you track it down, share their reviews as to why that dress is so amazing and where is the most genuine price of the dress. Easy, right? That’s how it is.

The added advantage to this trusted world of fashion is that it is so easy on your pocket. Even if you share your experience of the most beloved jeans of yours and share it for your fellow buyers to buy it from, you would get money for your share in the love for fashion if one of your fellow buys it from your link. That sounds a real deal, right? Sharing your zest for shopping would also make up as a great way to earn money. From your every social shopping on Asaan, you get money too!

So now my hassles of going to the store are made easy with Asaan’s Social Shopping network that facilitates the buyer to get easy recommendations on products, Cashback on every purchase and a cool community of enthusiastic buyers who help us explore the world of fashion. This is a great and fun way to socialize, so have you used Asaan yet?