Arab Men Favorite Staple-The Thobe

Amit Kapoor

The thobe is undoubtedly the most popular clothing staple in the Middle East and is worn by a majority of the men population in the Arab world. The thobe easily follows the Muslim tradition and also provide a comfortable and versatile staple to the modern Arab men. The thobe has come very far from its traditional counterparts and in present different kinds of thobes can be the style selection for different kinds of occasion like, a formal thobe if going for prayers and something casual for wanderings around the streets. With the boom in the internet trend in the Middle East, the designer has chosen to modify the traditional thobe according to the customer wearable need. With so many designs and colors available in the present market, the versatile style staple is really loved by the modest men of the Arab world. In this guide, we have pointed out some of the basic but essential thobes you can add into your wardrobe to provide some versatility to your personality and attire. When it comes to fashion clothing, Namshi and Elabelz are the two names that can’t be ignored due to their demand and class apart products. If you are lucky, you can get huge discounts on your online fashion shopping by using Namshi coupon code and Elabelz coupon to save more while shopping online.

Long sleeved


The is the most basic thobe style popular in the Arab fashion culture. They can be different from region to regions as thobes vary extensively by their designs and cuts in cloth for eg thobes men wear in the UAE can be very different in terms of design worn by the Saudi Arabian men. In Saudi Arabia, the thobes are generally well tailored flaunting a mandarin collar and two button design whereas the Emirati thobes are loose cut with round collar and tassels. These thobes can usually be paired with loose trouser pants called Sirwal pants. To complete the Arabian traditional look, a ghutra is worn above the head for the ultimate modest and minimal attire. If we talk about the style stature, these thobes are very basic in nature flaunting solid colors and checkered thobes is a never existing phenomenon. The wearer can experiment with their style by pairing their thobes with sneakers or casual loafers or even sandals for ultimate comfortability. Formal shoes can also be the attire companion if there is to attend a formal event. In the Middle East, you can blindly trust Namshi online fashion store for traditional as well as casual clothing. With new designs to showcase on their website.

Short Sleeved


In the middle east where the sun is always scorching, Short Sleeved staple for men is like a boon to the mankind. In those hot summer days, short sleeve thobe will be the perfect attire to flaunt on casual occasions or can also be used for daily wear purposes. Due to the presence of wide variety, the short sleeved thobes are categorized under the top basic staples men must have in their wardrobe. To make an unmatchable look, you can pair the thobe with sandals or casual loafers. Avoid formal shoes as this clothing staple kinda not go with the formal occasion and can be inappropriate for the audience.

Hooded Djellabas


If we have to pick the most stylish and comfortable thobe, it would be none other than the Hooded Djellabas. The staple is very casual and comfortable which can be worn in literally any occasion except while going to mosques and formal meetings. Made to uplift the street style of modern Arab men, the Hooded Djellabas are the king of

casual thobes and comfortable outfits. Hoody provides another level of versatility to the Arabian wearables and protects the modern man from rain and cold chills in the fall-winter season. Pairing this staple is very easy, as it can be worn with sirwal or any kind of loose casual pants underneath. Footwear with this outfit can comprise casual loafers and sneakers to extract the best of everything.