A Women’s Guide to Different Types of Heels

Vasu Arora

Every woman has a bundle of dreams regarding her looks. The looks are related to one’s clothing and footwear since. There is a variety of footwear styles to wear with clothing. Footwear describes the personality of a person.

While buying the right shoes, one of the reasons for thousands of questions in our mind is that we overthink about what kind of dress will go with which kind of shoes. Either at the time of the interview or at the time of festivals, we need to look impressive. And of course, every occasion considers different types of footwear- for example formal, traditional, etc. If you are worrying that buying different heels for different occasions will push your budget, then you can also use Elabelz coupon on your purchases for getting the best deals on footwear.

Nowadays, footwear stores and designers have started promoting the latest trends according to the upcoming fashion styles. The most preferred type of footwear that every lady prefers is heels. Heels are also been distinguished in a variety of style with different types of clothes. If you want to get excellent discounts on heels, then Ounass coupon is one of the most incredible options for you.

Here are some styles of heels which you can wear while getting ready:

Peep toes: 


Peep toes are the most flexible and comfortable pairs of heels. Either girls or ladies could wear these. These are the casual shoes which can be used formally, and for the party occasions also. Pumps are available in a variety of colors, styles, and designs. These heels are available in different lengths. The higher the length of heels, the more stylish and hot it will be.



These are usually 4 to 6 inches high from the ground. These heels provide a glamorous and confident look to the ladies who wear them. Stilettos are defined as thin, long and high heels which every girl dreams of. These heels come in different ranges and styles- either covered or open from the front. No need to worry about the price as you can use coupons of online stores like Namshi coupon.

Wedge heels: 


These heels are made up for those girls who want to wear heels, but could not walk comfortably wearing them. These heels are broader from the back as compared to the front. This characteristic makes it appear as platform heels, but it is not so.

Cone heels: 


 These heels are available in all types of sizes and colors. They are wider from the top and thinner at the ground level just as the shape of the cone. These heels look dashing if worn with skirts and other floor length flowing dresses.

Cut out heels: 


These heels are known to be the favorite style of shoes of various models. This style is rated under the top 10 heels style in the world. Cut out heels are usually short and slender as compared to the other types of heels. They are available in multiple colors and different cut work styles.

Spool heels: 


These heels are broader from the front and comparative narrower at the center. This characteristic makes it comfortable to walk and there is easy maintenance of balance while walking. These heels are mostly worn with office outfits; that means they are formal to wear. Spool heels are so much comfortable to wear as these do not hurt your feet. Use coupon codes like Centrepoint coupon code to avail discount on spoon heels at online stores.

Platform heels: 


These heels are promoted since the 1920s. This style consists of a pointed toe with a strap that covers the ankle forming a circle. These heels help in a comfortable walk, unlike those thin pointed heels. Some people relate these heels with the wedges but these are totally different from them.

Above explained heels are present in mostly in every women’s wardrobe. These heels create a special look and maintain the confidence level among the women. If you are a person who is passionate about footwear, then you must have these designs in your wardrobe.