10 New Staples to Upgrade your Summer Wardrobe

Santu Kumar

Summer is here. And it’s going to last for the next few months. Hence, it is essential to upgrade your summer wardrobe. Namshi and 6th Street in Saudi Arabia have a whole new collection. If you are on a quest to upgrade your summer wardrobe, continue to read further. Here, we will be listing the 10 new staples to upgrade your summer wardrobe below.


Feeling dreadful of the scorching months of the summer ahead? Hate the heat and the sweat that comes with it. Then, you need to have a very selective but eclectic mix of summer wear to add on to your old ones. Here we have listed our 10 choices which are staples in your summer wear. By using the Namshi voucher code, you can purchase the following. There are not in any particular order of must-haves but the necessary ones which we think you should have in your wardrobe this season.



The top on our summer wardrobe essentials are always the shades. These are the must-haves in your summer wardrobe. Do keep those sunglasses that protect you from the harmful UV rays. These are a must-have for any working women. Do opt for at least a quality one preferably, Polaroid shades.



 For the women who love to wear jeans, a collection of light-colored tee-shirts is a must. To top it all, there are so many varieties of them in the market form variations in sleeves, length, and styles. Choose the ones which your body type the most. As it is summer time, do avoid the longer sleeves one. Pair them up with a good pair of jeans and comfortable shoes, and you have your casual looks.



You can opt for shoes that are comfortable in wearing and which allows the sweat to evaporate faster. Avoid wearing boots during this season. Closed shoes can be worn but remember to dry them off under the sunlight, otherwise, the smell or the sweat will remain which needs to be avoided and removed before you use those pairs again. Flip-flops are a yes always.

4. BAGS – 


Summer bags are fun. Totes can be fun for casual outings. You need proper space in your bag as you need to carry your sunscreen, wipes and other summertime face care products in them.



Every girl should have quite a collection of shorts & skirts in their summer wardrobe. Choose them in the material cotton. They go well with tank tops and also crop tops. This is essentially a preference for younger aged girls. Skirts can be of varying length. Choose what you are comfortable in. Just don’t go in with the fashion. What is the use of spending money on a thing and not feeling comfortable wearing them?



Midis and maxis come in this category of summer wear. Again, the preferred fabric is cotton. You can wear them in your casual outings. For office wear, one needs a rather formal look. So, you can go with an A-line skirt teamed up with a comfortable shirt or buttoned blouses. During the night outings, you can opt for short dresses. You also have the option of off-shoulder dresses but you should know well how to carry it. For the Indian summer, a long maxi dress is optimum. Use your 6th Street voucher code to get yourself a lovely maxi, midi or mini. Culottes are also a comfortable thing to wear during summer time. Pair it with a nice blouse.



Summertime means no to lacy stuff. Prefer cotton fabrics for your lingerie.



No satin fabric sleepwear during summers, please. It would cause immense discomfort while sleeping. Cotton pajama sets and nighties are a must -have in your summer wardrobe. One more thing to remember is to buy loose sleepwear and not those that an exact fitting to your body.

9. HATS – 


Hats are necessary with shades especially if you are traveling or vacating in a beachside. Choose what you like best and feels comfortable.


Always prefer light colors in your wardrobe selections for summertime wear. Depending on where you are staying in India, the summer heat varies accordingly. Go according to the heat level in your area. Try out a new look and change it after some time during the summer months. The heat and sweat during this season, does cause discomfort and it is not possible having an air conditioner with you all the time. You cannot stay indoors the whole time. So, dress up appropriately and go on with your life as with any other season.