The Ultimate New Born Baby Essentials List that you must have!

Sahithi (for Asaan)

As newborn babies are very tender and sensitive, everything we use for them must be chosen with proper care. From diapers to clothes, opt for the best quality products such that they are gentle on the baby's skin. Here is a checklist to help you clear your confusion and get ready for happy parenting.


For your New-born Baby :

1.  Sleeping Bag 

Newborn babies need an environment of warmth and comfort as they feel that they are in the womb itself. So a cozy bed, preferably a sleeping bag is necessary to keep them protected and give them a warm feeling.

Check out these Babyhug Unicorn Print Sleeping Bagand   Hooded Baby Blanket Cum Sleeping Bag which can be carried easily and safe for newborn babies.


2. Bed Protector Sheets

There is a possibility of diaper leakage and the bed on which the baby sleeps may become wet and cause uneasiness to the baby. To avoid this, choose bed-protected sheets to keep the bed dry and make the baby comfortable during his sleep.

Have a look at these   BeyBee Waterproof Bed Protected SheetsandBaby Bed Protecting Matthat protects the bed from getting wet and keeps your baby dry all through the night.


3. Electric Kettle

Newborns must be given or fed only warm milk (if the baby is formula fed). So opt for an electric kettle that boils the water within seconds. It is also easy to carry and travel-friendly. Most first-time moms are choosing this as this will be of great help to their baby.

Choose these StarAndDaisy Formula Ready Baby Water Kettleand Butterfly Rapid Kettlewhich boil the water to 45 degrees exactly which is the minimum recommended boiling temperature for babies.


4. Cap, mittens, booties

Two or three sets ofcaps, mittens, and booties are necessary to cover your baby’s head, hands, and legs to keep him warm. As babies are prone to get affected by changing weather very soon, it is often necessary to cover your baby from head to toe.

How cool are these Simply Cap,Mitten & Bootie Setand LuvLap 100% Cotton Baby Caps, Mittens and Booties Combo Set


5. Mosquito Net

Babies are prone to various diseases at this very gentle phase and their immune system is also weak. It is necessary to keep them dry all the time and away from insects (especially mosquito bites). To avoid insect bites, it is necessary to use a mosquito net which also gives warmth to the baby.

Check out these Babyhug Portable Baby Mosquito Net Large   and  Umbrella Style Foldable Baby Mosquito Net which are travel-friendly and easy to use.


6. Feeding Bottle

If your baby is formula-fed, then a feeding bottle is a must. Choose the bottle which is BPA-free and the nipple which is made of silicone and is anti-colic. These bottles are also available in eco-friendly materials like steel also. It is good to clean the bottle with a bottle cleaning brush and sterilize them on a daily basis to keep them bacteria-free. 

Opt for these Babyhug Sterilizable Steel Feeding Bottleand LeRoyal Amulya Steel Feeding Bottle which are made of steel and are eco-friendly, and don't have any leakages.


7.Formula Milk Powder

If your baby is formula-fed, opt for a formula powder that has all the essential nutrients in it. Some of the best formula milk powders available in the market are Similac Advance, Nestle Nan Pro, Aptamil. Choose the formula which is as healthy as breast milk.

Check out these Nestle NAN Pro 1 Infant Formula PowderandSimilac Infant Formulawhich are used by many moms.


8. Bib

A bib or a washcloth must be kept handy while feeding your baby to avoid any stains on their clothes.

Have a look at these Babyhug Bib Velcro Closure Unicorn Print  and SuperBottoms WaterProof Apron Style Reversible Bib for babies with crumb catcher which are made of cotton and are easy to use.


9. Nappies and Diapers

Opt for good quality diaperswhich are anti-rash and are soft on the baby’s skin. Try to use the diapers only if you are outdoors in this newborn stage of the baby. At home, opt for cotton nappies which are safe for a baby’s skin. But these nappies need to be changed as soon as they are wet by the baby. You can also opt for cloth diapers that are leak-proof and has an absorption layer that is effective.

Go for these Babyhug Advanced Pant Style Diapers Large. These diapers are made of soft cotton material and protect the baby's skin against rashes effectively


Choose these Babyhug Muslin Cotton U Shape Reusable Printed Nappy Setand  Honey Boo New Born Washable Cotton Nappies which are soft and provide comfort to the baby.


10. Wipes

Wipes come in handy when you are outdoors to clean the baby’s bottom and keep him clean and fresh. Choose wet wipes which are baby-friendly and are safe on his skin.

Check out these Goodnessme Organic Pure Water Baby Wet WipesandOrganic Bamboo based Baby Wipeswhich are made of organic materials and don't contain any toxins or parabens.


11. Diaper rash cream

Apply a good diaper rash cream if any rashes appear on your baby’s diapering area. The cream acts as a protective layer against rashes and also reduces them effectively.

Choose these Curatio B4 Nappi CreamandMilky Soft Diaper Rash Cream which prevent rashes effectively and soothes the baby's skin against rashes.


12. Swaddle Cloth

A swaddling cloth is essential to wrap your baby in it to protect him against Sun or Rain. It also protects your baby from cool weather.

Have a look at these Babyhug 100% Cotton Swaddle WrapperandCandy Mento Cotton Extra Soft Muslin Swaddle Wrap for New-Born Babywhich provide comfort and warmth to the baby.


13. Burp Cloth

A burp cloth comes in handy when the baby spits during burping. As the baby’s digestive system is still in the formative stage, the milk that is taken by them may not be digested sometimes and the baby spits up. So use a burp cloth to keep the baby clean.

Go for these Babyhug 100% Cotton Muslin Burp Cloth. and PeuBud Organic Muslin Burp Cloth .These burp cloths are soft, gentle, and effective in cleaning a baby's drool.


14. Massage Oil, Soap, Shampoo

Massage Oil - Massaging the baby is very important as it strengthens the baby’s bones and muscles and keeps the baby’s skin healthy. Choose a good massage oil preferably an organic one for the baby’s sensitive skin.

Choose these Figaro Pure Olive OilandSoothing Massage Oil for Babieswhich are used widely by many moms.


Soap -

Choose a soap that is mild and gentle for the baby’s skin. If you are using it for the first time, apply a little amount and see if it is working for the baby. Opt for the one which doesn’t give any skin allergies.

Choose these Sebamed Baby Cleansing Barandmamaearth Moisturising Bathing Bar for Babies which are popular brands for baby skincare.


Shampoo -

Choose a shampoo that is free from strong fragrances and scents. Go for the one that is mild and doesn’t produce tears for the baby.

Go for these mamaearth Gentle Cleansing Shampoo For Babies. and mamaearth Milky Soft Shampoo. Mamaearth's shampoos are used and recommended by most moms. They are made of organic ingredients and are free from toxins.


15. Sleepsuits and front open tops

Coming to clothing, opt for clothes that are soft, light-weight, and comfortable (preferably cotton) for the baby’s skin. Sleepsuits and onesies cover the baby from head to toe and also protect him against insect bites. 

Go for these Kookie Kids Full Sleeves Sleepsuit  and Luke and Lilly Body Suit which come in cute teddy prints.


16. Stroller

Astroller is needed when you plan to go out with your kid. You can make your kid sit comfortably in the stroller and can go shopping, buying groceries, etc. But opt for a good quality stroller that has strong wheels and also make sure the area to which you take your kid is friendly for using a stroller.

Choose these Babyhug Comfy Ride Stroller  and LuvLap Galaxy Stroller which have adjustable handles and the seats of the strollers can be adjusted to multiple positions according to the baby's needs.


Buying Guide :

  • Although this is a comprehensive list of essential items, choose the products according to the baby's needs. A baby who is breastfed well, may not need formula milk powder or milk bottle. So opt for the products that are quite necessary as per the baby's requirement.
  • Coming to clothing, choose cotton over any other materials as cotton gives utmost comfort to the baby and is soft on his skin.
  • When choosing skin care products, always do a patch test and see if it is suitable for the baby. It is better to go for organic skincare products as the baby's skin is sensitive.
  • Choose diapers that are leakproof, rash-free, and gives protection to the baby for long hours. Choose diapers only if the baby is outdoors. At home, prefer to use nappies only.
  • Stick to reputed and established brands for Baby-care products

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