Inspirational Books for When You Need Hope & Motivation

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We all can use a little motivation & hope from time to time. Reading is a good habit anyway and reading a good book has the power to enhance the quality of your day. Picking the perfect book is rarely an easy task when there is an abundance of awe-inspiring books available everywhere. Whether you’re an aspiring reader or just looking for more books to add to your collection, these motivational books, self-help books and novels are perfect for every kind of reader.

What’s interesting is that these books aren’t just pages full of mundane advice to make you change your life in a day. They contain beautifully crafted stories, with subtly engraved enlightenment, a bit of psychology and moments where you can effortlessly relate to the reader and carry the feeling with you, even after you’re finished reading. 


Some other Motivational Books Worth Reading

1. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People  - Stephen R. Covey

habit forming motivational book

This has been claimed as one of the best habit-forming books by countless readers. It has its basis in psychology and Covey has used fascinating stories to familiarise the reader with each concept that he talks about in this book. The 7 habits that the author talks about are : 

  1. Be Proactive - how to be practical and eliminate unwanted anxiety by focusing on the things you can control. 
  2. Begin With the End in Mind- working hard is important but working hard in the right direction is more important. 
  3. Put First Things First - prioritising is key when it comes to productivity. 
  4. Think Win-Win- how to collaborate with others to make success a cooperative and not a competitive process. 
  5. Seek to Understand & Then to be Understood- how to be a better listener and influence people 
  6. Synergize- using teamwork and open-mindedness to produce bigger and better results
  7. Sharpen The Saw- how to focus on your strengths and use them to your advantage.

This is not just a regular motivational book, it compels you to dive deeper into how your mind works and how to make it work for you. It’s all about taking control and making long-term changes. 

2.  Tuesdays With Morrie - Mitch Albom

true story self help novel

If you’re looking for a little bit of sunshine to add to your day, this book is for you. It’s a heart-warmingnovel based on the true story of Albom visiting his sociology professor during his last days, where they talk about life, death and everything in between. The professor shares with Albom his treasure of knowledge and wisdom, which Albom now shares with us. This book is nothing short of a beautiful journey; a journey you’ll want to re-experience time and again. Tuesdays With Morrie is one of those books that you shouldn’t overthink about because you won’t regret owning it. 

3. Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long & Happy Life

bestseller ikigai book

There’s no denying that sometimes life gets hard. Some days it can be difficult to find a purpose and we might find ourselves feeling a little lost. All of us have been there. Well, for those days, this is the book you pick up to leisurely read with a cup of coffee, while trying to figure out life. Ikigai book talks about your ‘reason for being’ and finding the purpose in our lives from within ourselves. It’s all about self-reflection, self-discovery and observing what brings us joy and how to hold on to it. What connects the readers so deeply with this book is the way it addresses the everyday problems that we experience in today’s world and ways to uplift life quality amidst all the chaos. Some readers have even labelled it as a life-changing book. So if you had been thinking about whether or not to get this book, this is your sign. 

4. The Magic of Thinking Big - David Schwartz, PhD

positive thinking self help book

This book talks about something very intricate and something that is very crucial when it comes to success and failure-  replacing negative mental programming with positive mental programming. A lot of times we underestimate ourselves or get demotivated about achieving our goals and then it becomes easy to doubt ourselves. This then leads to us giving ourselves excuses and thinking that we don’t have what it takes. David Schwartz brings up a fascinating point; that it is as easy to have big ambitions as it is to have small ambitions. What sets this self-help book apart is that it doesn’t solely rely on changing thoughts and mindset, alternatively, it discusses how a shift in body language can bring a positive shift in the mind as well. ‘The Magic of Thinking Big’ is an all-rounder and a perfect guide to making changes that create a ripple effect in the ocean of life. 

5. The 5 Second Rule - Mel Robbins

the 5 second rule book to quit procrastination

Most of the motivational books place a great emphasis on ‘thinking’, however, it’s incomplete without ACTION. This is usually the most arduous part- getting up and actually doing what’s needed to obtain concrete results. What is the biggest enemy of ‘action’? Procrastination. And we know that laziness and success don’t go together. In this book, Mel Robbins shares practical techniques to help you curb indecisiveness and enhance your productivity, thus opening more doors for success. This international bestseller has helped millions of people and along with the excellent tips, the book has included testimonials.  Mel’s principle: Giving your brain a 5-second window to make a decision, can help you move 10 steps forward in life. It can be something as small as getting out of bed. It is a very good book to read if you struggle with procrastination and are ready to say goodbye to old unfruitful habits

Other Motivational Books Worth Reading



Although there are plenty of remarkable books with a myriad of knowledge to offer, we wanted to shortlist some of the best books to read, that are not only bestsellers but also timeless and loved by readers all over the world. 

  1. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - If you are ready to make lifestyle changes and adopt healthy habits to elevate the quality of your life. 

  2. Tuesdays With Morrie- If you’ve been feeling low and need some sweetness, comfort and wise words to get you through tough times. 

  3. Ikigai - If you are into philosophy or on the journey of finding your purpose and need the motivation to move forward.

  4. The Magic of Thinking Big - If you believe in the power of the mind and desire more positivity in your life. 

  5. The 5 Second Rule - If you struggle with laziness and want to quit procrastinating.

The reason these books are so lauded is that they all incorporate an important theme, which is the Internal locus of focus. In layman terms, internal locus of focus means holding the powerto influence your life. It pushes you to take responsibility for your behaviours and take actions to acquire that which you desire. Research also shows that people with an internal locus of focus are more successful in professional as well as personal life. 

So keep your highlighters ready - you’ll find tonnes of life quotes, motivational quotes that you’ll want to read again and again to push you to be the best version of yourself. All of the books above have gathered numerous positive reviews and have played a role in enriching the lives of many people. 

Hope this article helped you find a suitable book. Happy Reading!

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