All the sanitizers you never knew you needed

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All the sanitizers you never knew you needed


  1. What Should a Hand Sanitizer Have?
  2. Plum Hello Hand Sanitizer
  3. Asian Paints Hand Sanitizer 
  4. Himalaya Pure Hands- Hand Sanitizer 
  5. Just Human Hand Sanitizer 
  6. Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer 
  7. Dettol Hand Sanitizer
  8. My Recommendations

The past two years have changed our lives dramatically. Most of us now walk around with extra masks and sanitizers in our bags. Are you looking for the perfect sanitizer? Do you have itchy skin? Is it so that because of itchy skin, you cannot use hand sanitizers like others? Then you are at the correct article. This article is created to help you pick your perfect hand sanitizer. This article will also provide you insights as to what you should look for in hand sanitizer. Make sure that you go through all the given characteristics that should be present in a hand sanitizer before you buy a hand sanitizer.

What Should a Hand Sanitizer Have?

Alcohol Content: Hand sanitizers usually have 60 to 90% of alcohol content, perfumes, and substances that make them safe to use on human skin. So when you look to buy a hand sanitizer, make sure that you choose the one that has the highest alcohol content. Why do you have to buy hand sanitizer with the highest alcohol content? The answer is simple. Alcohol kills any type of bacteria and germs. So, therefore, the higher the alcohol content, the better it is for you. 

Keep another point in your mind. Many sanitizers do promote themselves by telling that they are antibacterial. They may also do so by saying that they are antifungal or they have a 99.99% chance of killing germs on your hands. While all of this is true, remember that even if a hand sanitizer is not marketed in any of the above ways and yet contains alcohol, it still qualifies to be in your bag. Alcohol's inherent property is to kill germs, and any hand sanitizer with alcohol will kill germs.

Plum Hello Hand Sanitizer 

Plum hello hand sanitizer

Many of us love Aloe Vera because of its properties. This hand sanitizer brings to you the goodness of Aloe Vera as well as everything a hand sanitizer should have. These are some of the key features of the hand sanitizer

  •  it is cruelty-free 
  • it is sulfate-free
  •  it is paraben-free
  •  it has 70% alcohol 

With Aloe Vera, this hand sanitizer gives a very unique fragrance. I would recommend this to anyone who wishes to buy a low-cost good smelling hand sanitizer. 

The product costs ₹125.



Asian Paints Hand Sanitizer 

Asian Paints hand sanitizer

Asian paints is a trusted producer of paints. You didn't expect to see this on the list here, did you? If you closely notice many of the hospitals and shops use hand sanitizer manufactured by Asian paints. These are some features of the hand sanitizer:

  • It is made along with clove oil.
  • It has 75% of alcohol content.

The clove oil ensures that the hand sanitizer is safe to use especially on soft hands. The hand sanitizer also has a beautiful fragrance attached because of the clove oil. This product is also very affordable and costs only ₹113.



Himalaya Pure Hands- Hand Sanitizer 

Himalaya Pure Hands

Himalaya is known to produce safe products for the human skin. Hand sanitizer is one such product. Himalaya pure hands hand sanitizer is orange flavored and gives a beautiful smell every time it is used. These are some of the features of the hand sanitizer:

  • it has 60% alcohol
  • It comes in six different flavors, including strawberry and lychee.

Himalaya pure hands- hand sanitizer is highly recommended as it not only has alcohol but it also has the goodness of herbs. These herbs will help you keep your hands soft and smooth.

The product is priced at 200 rupees.



Just Human Hand Sanitizer 

Just Human Hand sanitizer

Just Human Hand sanitizer is probably the most expensive hand sanitizer on the list here. It is made with US technology and produced in India. The product has a mild smell and can be used by both adults and children likewise. These are some features of the hand sanitizer:

  • it has over 70% of alcohol content
  • Single-use is sufficient for 24 hours of the day.

 I would recommend this to anyone who wants to buy hand sanitizers based on scientific research and development by US technologies. However, it is expensive and costs a little too much for hand sanitizer.

The product is priced at rupees 568.



Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer 

Lifebuoy Hand sanitizers

Lifebuoy is a company which has had extensive experience in producing products related to health and body care. Their hand sanitizer is one of their best products. The product is fairly priced and has excellent reviews. These are some of the features of the hand sanitizer:

  •  It has more than 60% of alcohol content.
  •  It has glycerin which will help you moisturize your skin every time you sanitize it.

The product costs rupees 168.



Dettol Hand Sanitizer

Dettol hand sanitizer

Personally, I would say Dettol hand sanitizer is the best because this company has been producing hand sanitizers for a very long time. Along with this, Dettol is recommended by many doctors and pharmacists. This hand sanitizer has certain features: 

  •  It has a gel type of consistency which makes it easy to use.
  •  It has a very mild fragrance it does not irritate the skin.



My Recommendations

  1. Plum Hello Hand Sanitizer
  2. Himalaya Pure Hands- Hand Sanitizer 
  3. Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer 
  4. Dettol Hand Sanitizer

We hope that this article has helped you to identify what kind of hand sanitizer should you buy. You should use hand sanitizers whenever you feel that you have touched a surface that could have many germs. You should also use a hand sanitizer before and after you finish eating food. During the pandemic, I hope that everybody has realized how important it is to care for yourself, especially your hygiene. Hand sanitizers are an easy way of ensuring that you can stay safe and makes things safe. At the same time, feel free to check out more products, and remember to keep the key points in your mind.