Top 10 Men’s Trainers For Summer 2019

Vasu Arora

Top 10 Men

The Best Shoes of 2019: An Introduction

Finding the right pair of trainers for yourself cannot be called an easy task at all, as 2019 has so far proven to be a prolific year for the world of Shoes. Old legends such as Nike came out with some of the most mind-blowing designs, along with new designer shoe competitors in the field making their mark on the industry with new and surprising innovations. Even though building a sneaker collection sounds cool, find the pair best for you will usually suffice!

2019 has some of the best selections, as favorites of the shoe world such as Nike, Oliver Campbell, and others have been hard at work coming out with the best and latest in running shoes. Read on to find out more about what we think are the Top 10 Spring/Summer 2019 Men’s Trainers:

Nike ‘Epic React’ Flyknit 2 Running Shoes

The name ‘Epic React’ is not wasted on these shoes, as they make quite the impression when using them for longer periods of time. Nike promised that they would come out with the perfect running shoe one day, and this has a quite chance of being it, as this pair of shoes is both customized for maximized comfort and helps propel you forward. Their pinkish hue has become quite iconic in the world of Shoes. Using a Namshi Coupon Code UAE when buying these is generally a smart idea since these aren’t cheap at all.

Top 10 Men

Reebok Fusion Flexweave Cage

Here comes the shoes that have been rated highly by a large number of critics, and are said to be perfect for any type of training session: The Reebok Fusion Flexweave Cage. They are one of the lightest shoes to have been made in 2019, as their Floatride Foam makes sure they don’t become a burden on your feet.

Top 10 Men

Pharrell Williams X Adidas Solar Hu Glide Shoes

Pharrell Williams is a famous music icon and is known for being quite eccentric. A perfect example can be found in the Pharrell Williams X Adidas Solar Hu Glide Shoes, where he collaborated with famous company Adidas to create the perfect pair of shoes. Paying homage to the tradition of sprinting found in Western Africa, this shoe incorporates the bright colors of their flags. You can use a Gap Discount Code to buy these.

Top 10 Men

New Balance ‘FuelCell Impulse’ Runners

These shoes made quite a lot of headlines when they were released since they use a radical new technology in order to be more springy, lightweight, and helpful for the wearer: their soles have been injected with Nitrogen. This means that unless you hack at the shoe with a chisel, it will stay springy for absolute years! In fact, these have created a new demand for Nitrogen injected soles in the market.

Top 10 Men

Reebok Flexweave Run

Another masterpiece from Reebok, the Flexweave Run is both durable and very nice to look at, a combination seen rarely in the world of Shoes. Their ‘Flexweave’ upper, and low cut design, while looking awesome, also means that the shoes fit quite snugly on your feet, and do so without feeling constrictive at all! If you prefer darker shades for your shoes, these are the pair of trainers for you.

Top 10 Men

Asics Metarun

The Asics Metarun are a pair of long-distance road shoes, and like most of the shoes in that field, are both durable and comfortable. Asics is quite proud of the Metarun, going so far as to call it the best running shoes ever built by them, and the product itself has not disappointed people, as the FlyteFoal Midsole keeps the shoes lightweight and comfortable.

Top 10 Men

Saucony Guide ISO 2

Saucony is a company that has received the endorsement of many Olympic marathon runners, and are one of the top companies in the Running Shoe field. Their Saucony Guide ISO 2 has been called the ‘most comfortable shoes of all time’ by quite a lot of athletes. Easy to slip on, comfortable, and non-constrictive: this pair can be called the dream shoes!

Top 10 Men

Brooks Ricochet LE

The new Brooks Ricochet LE combines awesome looks with even more awesome performance specs, both of which are totally off the charts. Their leather colorway combined with the gum sole makes them the ideal pair of shoes for all occasions. When buying these through a retailer, use a 6th Street Coupon Code if you have one to reduce the price.

Top 10 Men

Air Jordan XXXIII

These are undoubtedly the best pair of on-court Jordans made yet, and have proved their worth to the world through unmatched performance. The Air Jordan XXXIII has received praise from a lot of NBA players, and are considered to be the best basketball shoes to have come out this year!

Top 10 Men

KOIO Capri Bianco

This is more a pair of sneakers than trainers but simply had to be included because of its inherent awesomeness. The Vitello upper, combined with contrasting Camoscio Suede Stripe, makes for one of the sleekest looks of the year, and these shoes don’t disappoint in performance either, as they are perfect for jogging small distances!

Top 10 Men


These are some of the very best and most popular Running Shoes and Sneakers to have come out in 2019, and have indeed amazed thousands of people with their utility and looks. Giants in the Shoe world, such as Nike, Reebok, and Asics, have said that these are some of the best shoes they have ever made!