Top 10 Designer Labels to Shop at The Outnet UAE

Santu Kumar
Top 10 Designer Labels to Shop at The Outnet UAE

No wonder why designer shopping is the most perplexing task in the world. From picking a designer label to wear to deciding which one would fit the budget, it’s a task that requires deep research, financial add ups and finally an imaginative process of how you would look in a particular designer clothing. The Outnet UAE gives you tons of designer brands to choose from at attainable prices. One can deep dive in the premium luxurious world and save penny worth thousands on luxury fabric clothing.

1. Valentino

This Fashion Powerhouse needs no introduction. Apart from being in the industry for almost 6 decades, Valentino has dominated the designer clothing sphere with its discerning and admirable designer outfits and luxe fabrics. With a sagacious team of designers and sharp-sighted workforce, Valentino’s designer sartorial has the power to influence people and its choices.

2. Kate Spade New York

Originally known to produce colorful bags for the consumers, Kate Spade has emerged as a powerful designer label in New York City. With its iconic labeled bags, Kate Spade became a talk of the town and then an industry sensation. The brands’ originality and color-filled detailing in handbags have earned a huge customer base. One can shop silhouettes of handbags, dresses, accessories, wallets, and shoes in the chicest color possible.

3. Balmain

In the world of premium luxe clothing, Balmain has remained as one of the elegant designer brands that offer haute couture to the fashion fraternity. Its artistic designs, quick-witted strategy, and piping detail are infused in every outfit they create. The fashion faces of Balmain are popular among the young generation and for this reason, this fashion house is slowly stealing the spotlight from other entrants.

4. Emilio Pucci

The International Fashion Press declared Emilio Pucci as “The Prince of Prints”, after which he started transforming the fashion scene during the 1950s and became a revolutionary force of haute couture. The colorful abstract designs coupled with rick silk fabrics gave birth to a new mood in fashion. Dating back to 1950s until this time, Emilio Pucci loves for graphics and prints have grown stronger and their creations are not just loved by Italians but by people all over the world.

5. Dolce & Gabanna

Italian designer fashion-house outlined by the excellence of culture, traditions, versatility and extreme exoticism. D&G was founded by two young Italian origin designers who drew inspiration from the world and crafted them in their own designs. D&G are celebrities favorites and the ones who made rockstars look like rockstars with their unquestionable elegance. From the eminent Italian Suit to the eccentric tropical touch, D&G is a force to reckon with. D&Gs premium sartorial are available for men’s women’s and kids.

6. Alexander Wang

A prominent name in the list of people shaping the global fashion, Alexander Wang aesthetic and nonchalant style has made fashion a form of self-expression for youngsters and 40 something people. His urban modernized designs speak for itself and are widely liked by celebrities and people around the world. One can shop the latest season collection from Alexander Wang at The Outnet UAE.


The mind of the designer and heart of a New Yorker is what defines DKNY creations. This American fashion-house took birth in New York with a simple agenda to provide state of the art fashion to women. The modern-day elegance and the last-minute touch-up, everything gets well settled with a DKNY fashion collection. One can get a taste of how New York feels like by shopping DKNY collection at The Outnet.

8. Iris & Ink

The Outnet’s in-house offering, Iris & Ink is a perfect go-to designer label which offers upstate fashion at an affordable price range. Since its launch, the brand has been bringing in new and trendy fashion staple for women in bold colors and rich fabrics. Not just this, the brand also designs handbags and accessories which are well-made classics for the ultra-modern women. Renovate your wardrobe with some chic fashionwear from Iris & Ink.

9. Stella McCartney

The eponymous label Stella McCartney is a popular name in the fashion world to be associated with. Her vegan style and razor-sharp tailoring have turned the heads of many high-end designer labels. From her mainline ready-to-wear fashion for men, women, and kids, to premium luxury fragrances and designer kicks, Stella McCartney is the name to be associated with.

10. Gucci

Gucci, a Brobdingnagian name in the fashion field. Gucci is not just the establisher but the creator of everything that is fashion-forward, premium, modern-day, pleasing and everything that is liked by the world. This designer label’s name can be heard on every nook and corner of the world because of its influential designs, premium textured fabrics and the world-renowned Italian craftsmanship.