The Evolution Of Online Shopping in GCC region.

Amit Kapoor

Today we are going to present you some original report of how GCC region customer is continually growing on for Online Shopping. The source of the report is presented on behalf of Asaan.

Shopping at a mall in the UAE

A big Scope Of Online Shopping For Upcoming Decade  In GCC region.

The online shopping concept is on peak in MENA region. Coming on long way online shopping make eiser life of people. In the era of tech everything is going digital you can do whatever you want to do to sit at one place you just need an access of the internet. According to a report published via the Asaan 90% people in UAE and KSA have internet access and out of them 62.08% in UAE or 73.24% in KSA people used mobile devices for their internet access. This data rival that most people used their Mobile Phone for their shopping and any other task they have to do online. Rest of the people used the other devices like laptops,tablets etc.

Gender Shopping Analysis in UAE & KSA

Gender play a significant role  in the online shopping concept. According to this report, which is based on almost 11 months of Aasan analytics data.The report presents that 46.3% of men shop online in uae and  61.81 in KSA. So,the ratio of shopping online of women is in Saudi Arabia is less as compared to men.But in UAE it’s totally Different the ratio of shopper online women’s is higher than its men.

Age group is one of the most important factors of any economy whether we are talking about online shopping or something. It's a huge impact on online shopping too. The data which reveal from Asaan showing that more than 56% is younger generation to shop online which comes into 25 years to 34 years to shop online in United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia. And rest is also mentioned in the graph too.

Languages is important for Online shopping In GCC

When everything is ready, it is most important to understand but your users prefer when you are doing an online business. And specially a big eCommerce player has already proven that with their native language lunch. A big ecommerce retailer like H&M UAE, Mothercare, or we can talk about the biggest international franchise operator of GCC Alshaya group. And report also show the same figure.

And online shopping website become more innovative as the preference of client payment in keep in mind. That's why every ecommerce market player have a cash on delivery(COD) option according to an old surave it was found that 80% of people in the GCC region will prefer cash on delivery option that time because it’s related to trust factor. But now face is quite change people also start making payment by their debit card, credit card,and net banking as well but the COD is still also that importance.  

The report also came to the conclusion that which device are people used, so we find that more than 60% of shoppers in both countries used apple devices for shopping and after that Samsung,huawei and other devices used by the shoppers in GCC region to shop online.

Online shopping is always possible with any browser. So, according to Asaan report we have found some interesting results that Google is the top browser used by the shopper to shop online in UAE and KSA. Almost 45.84% and 44.56% in UAE and KSA ratio of google browser to shop online. And the Safari Browser is the 2nd top browser used by the shopper to shop online rest all browser you can see in the infographic of Asaan in details.

As the e-commerce sector grows the reach of the customers is also grow but this is not possible at one time that you will operate the whole country at single time. So, same here we find that there are top cities where people shop most online. If we are talking about the UAE, So Dubai is the top city 50.25% shoppers shop online from there  after that Abu Dhabi, Sharjah

Are the top city of Online Shoppers. And when we talk about KSA, Riyadh is the no. 1 city of online shoppers around 41% of the population shop online only from there, rest 32.18% from Jeddah and 14.78% from Dammam.

This Data is presented on the behalf of Asaan for Last 10 Months research in the Middle East market and the source of the data is Google Analytic of Asaan.

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How speedily ecommerce growing in Mena Region

The ecommerce is on peak in MENA region. It’s not only limited to shopping online clothing, fashion, and beauty accessory. Now market is moving forward to sale of all your home requirements online.

The trend which is famous in europe market before now start entering to MENA region. To keep in mind the growth of the MENA region market every big ecommerce player now moving forward to MENA region especially in United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and all other countries of the GCC region. The potential growth of MENA customer have a bright future for ecommerce at least for one decade. Now you can order anything you want to order from home.

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