Leading Fashion Designers In The Middle East

Pradhumnya Khanayat

fashion designer

Everyone loves travelling to the Middle East and especially to Dubai. Presently, the internet is flooded with top 10 things to do in Dubai. With UAE tourism, the fashion scene is also in a powerful mode in The Middle East. When it comes to fashion, UAE appears as an emerging fashion hotbed in the world. All the major retailers see the Middle East, as a business opportunity to earn more profit whilst expanding their business territory. With a huge extraordinary luxury purchasing power of a booming figure tripping over $300 billion per year, there is no reason left as why not to invest in the Middle East region where online shopping in Dubai is experiencing a boom period. UAE is coming as one of the biggest online industries in the world competing with major players like UK and United States. In the upcoming decade, it surely will grow its name to match the fashion scene with New York and Milan which is considered as the dream goal for every fashion-forward country.

But a huge part of this success goes to the regional fashion designers in the Middle East, contributing their part in pushing the Middle East to become the prominent fashion hub of the world.

Nathalie Trad

nathalie trad
Image source http://temple-of-beauty.com/2015/03/nathalie-trad/

Named as 'Best Fashion Designer' in the year 2014, Nathalie Trad marked her place in the ever-growing fashion set in the Middle East. As Bags and Accessories designer, her designs speak for themselves and have been recognised by many top international brands and gained followers worldwide including celebrities like Olivia Palermo and Sienna Miller.

Nathalie's designs are not just designs, they are sculptures which she carves in her mind to create aesthetic Clutches and Accessories.

Rami Al Ali

rami al ali
Image source https://www.thedailybeast.com/where-syria-meets-the-catwalk-rami-al-alis-inspiring-couture

Credited as one of the most influential personality by the Middle East Magazine, Rami Al Ali as a couture designer gained a huge popularity worldwide. From being a fashion student to a professional clothing designer, he represented his first professional fashion show in 2009 at Rome couture week. Dubai based fashion designer excels in creating aesthetic red-carpet gowns and silhouettes which are best known for their intricate detailing and subtle dress design.

Madiyah Al Sharqi

madiyah al sharqi
Image source https://www.savoirflair.com/fashion/286718/madiyah-al-sharqi-spring-summer-2017-collection

The namesake women brand has been in fashion pool since 2012 and had collaborated with big brands like Loreal, Pepsi, Disney and many international designers. Al Sharqi was awarded as the best fashion designer in 2013 at Arab Women Awards. Being the daughter of the ruler of Fujairah, HH Sheikh Hamad bin Mohammed Al Sharqi, her dress design play with the contrast of dissimilar textiles and her collections appreciates beautiful fabrics where sophisticated needlework acts an important aspect for all her royal designs.

Taller Marmo

taller marmo
Image source http://www.merino.com/fashion/fashion-news/international-woolmark-prize-announce-winners-in-dubai/

Dubai based brand Taller Marmo symbolises manual work of artisans combined with the authenticity of the handcraft and the feeling of luxury, decadence and tradition. The brand is a perfect blend of Spanish craft and Italian elegance and luxury style. The brand portrays itself as a universe comprised of Middle Eastern charm and European elegance. Walking with the minimal fashion trend, Taller Marmo is the imperial combination of Arabic traditions and European tailoring. Mesmerizing detailing and enhanced craftsmanships are the two major concepts in the brand's collections and dress designs.


When the bottle points towards the talent regardless of maturity, the Middle East uprises as a shining star, making its way up to the top and competing with leading fashion players. Everyday young talent in the Middle East wants to show their creativity and raw talent and platforms like D3(Dubai Design District) and Fashion Forward are helping them to stand apart from the crowd to follow their passion of designing and pushing them towards their ultimate goal to be a famous fashion designer. UAE has become a prominent stage for most of the regional designers to show their talent worldwide and gain international name and fame. With more and more renowned fashion names launching their stores in Dubai, in no time it will gain an important stance in the fashion arena. With the help of in-house and international designers launching their new collections exclusively for the Middle East, it can earn a significant place in the race of becoming next fashion leader in the industry.