Help your kids develop life skills the fun way at KidZania

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Starting from birth, kids learn valuable lessons that last a lifetime. You believe your child is too young to learn life skills or mature enough to handle real-world situations, don't you? Just because you will be around them and lend a helping hand when they face any challenges, at least until they graduate high school, doesn't mean they cannot have a head start. 

If you could list down a few practical life lessons that you think you should teach your kid, what would they be? Is it going to be decision-making skills, time management, cleaning, money management, or health and hygiene? Life does not always unveil powerful lessons the hard way or way too late, there are cool ways too. 

If there were one place where your kids could learn more, role-play real-world professions and learn life skills the fun way, would it not be cool? KidZania Dubai (UAE) makes it all possible by combining learning and entertainment in their 7,000 sq m scaled replica of a real city for children aged 4 to 16. 

Kids with dressed up cartoon characters in KidZania

If you live in the UAE or planning to visit the UAE for a much-deserved break with your family, KidZania Dubai (UAE) will give you one more reason to schedule that vacation sooner.

We know you are impressed already and would like to hear more about KidZania.

Contents :

KidZania, the global indoor theme park for kids, is located within Dubai Mall (the world’s biggest mall) at level 2, Downtown Dubai, UAE. 

Replica of real city at KidZania

If you are a resident, we are sure your kids love the place already. If you are a resident who hasn’t visited yet or a tourist, bring KidZania to the top of your to-do list, and we guarantee that your children will have a blast.

While you are there, you can take a peek at Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building. 

What are kidZos?

The entry ticket that you purchase comes with an all-day admission and 50 kidZos exclusively for your kids.

Kid redeeming kidZos at counter

kidZos are KidZania's very own currency which they receive as rewards for their hard work post completion of various activities. Each child aged 4-14 will receive 50 kidZos. They can decide to invest kidZos for getting trained in few roles such as Firefighter or Airline Pilot. They can also reap the benefit of their hard work by getting paid in kidZos.

Earned too much? Kids can head to the National Bank of KidZania, deposit a minimum of 75 kidZos and receive their own bank cards. Inside KidZania, they can use the card to withdraw money from ATMs, spend it on activities or save it for their next visit.

Your kid can also use their kidZos to purchase items in Airport kidZo store. The card and the currency work across all 27 KidZania's around the world. That's one added reason to visit another country and their KidZania. Did you know Westfields KidZania cost around £20 million to build?

What are the various real-life professions that your kids can role-play?

Children role-playing real-life professions


Your child can complete their higher education, choose a field, get a degree and earn more kidZos when they do a profession related to the degree.

Acting Academy: 

The academy offers your kids an introduction to various roles and helps them build their communication skills. They will end up either producing a talent show or street dance at the city clock.

Host TV Shows: 

At Al Aan TV studio that is at the center of Metropolitan Theatre of KidZania, kids can assume the role of the host, floor manager, camera person, or any other related role and host their own show.

Microsafe Antimicrobial Lab: 

Playing a scientist, your child can come up with innovative ideas to combat the disease-causing germs & microbes and make the world a better place to live.

Various role-playing options for kids at kidzania

RTA City Bus Tour: 

The bus tour gives the children a layout of the city and teaches them how to be safe while traveling alone, making them feel confident and independent. They can also get their license at the Emirates Driving Institute and drive around themselves.

Fade Fit Kids Healthy snack facotory: 

KidZania teaches kids the importance of staying fit and eating healthy by involving them in cooking activities and showing them how "Eating Right" looks like.

Games Room: 

If you think your kids are too small to assume roles, take them to the games room to test their sports skills at foosball and billiards. They might even end up making a friend or two.

Including the ones mentioned, your child can take part in 40 real-life role-play activities and become socially developed.

What are other events and promotions offered at KidZania?

Kids carrying free KidZania paZZport

  • Your children can enjoy 12 months of unlimited fun with an Annual Pass. It comes with a free KidZania PaZZport.

  • KidZania Titans tests your kid's physical endurance and mental determination with an obstacle course.

  • Join their CitiZenship Program and receive an official PaZZport with a special hologram sticker for every visit, as per KidZania promo.

How can I book the tickets?

You can book the tickets through their official website. However, an Authorized Ticket Seller may get you discounts, so you can pay less than KidZania price. Rayna Tours is a renowned destination management company and one-stop travel solution for creating unique holiday plans. Having sold over 50,000 KidZania tickets, they are the best local expert in the UAE, with a 24/7 client support helpline. When booked through Rayna Tours, the KidZania ticket offer applies to both the residents and visitors. And to grab some extra discount on your KidZania online booking you can check Rayan Tours Coupon Codes at Asaan AE.

Rayna Tours also allow cancellations up to 24 hours which you cannot, if you book via KidZania's official website. They also provide secure payment options in addition to offering customized transfer choices with their line-up of vehicles.

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Can I plan my kid's birthday prty at KidZania?

Birthday celebration at KidZania

Of course, yes. For every parent, their child's birthday is the most important occasion to make everlasting memories. If you have the option to make it better, why not go for it?

KidZania organizes birthday parties in private rooms. The package includes everything that is there for a party and the cost of role-playing activities throughout the city. You can add special extras and make the party one of a kind.

Can I bring outside food to feed my children KidZania?

KidZania international airport

No, you can buy food from outlets such as McDonald's, Pizza Express, or Mummum, available inside.

If you wish to keep your valuables somewhere safe, contact the Information Counter when you arrive and ask for lockers. Psst, there are special parking areas for your baby's stroller too.

What is not allowed?

  • Food and beverages are not included at the cost of the entry ticket. 

  • Adults accompanying children are not allowed in areas where kids' activities take place. However, you can relax in theparent's lounge and watch your kids as your heart swells with pride.

  • On purchasing the ticket, adults are free to leave and re-enter. However, for children, re-entry fees will apply.

Details in crisp:

KidZania is a unique theme park for kids who enjoy playing roles. 

KidZania Location:

Level 2, Dubai mall, Downtown Dubai.

Age limit:

2 to 16 years


Role-plays of more than 40 different real-world professions

KidZania Ticket prices:

Free for babies below 1 yrs
AED 110 for toddlers (2-3 yrs)
AED 195 for kids between 4-16 yrs (Economy Tickets)
AED 260 for kids between 4-16 yrs (Premium Tickets)
AED 80 for Adults 17+
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Duration of visit:

As long as your kids like to stay, until closing time

Opening Times:

Saturday to Wednesday - 11 am to 8 pm (Last entry at 7 pm)
Thursday and Friday - 12 am to 9 pm (Last entry at 8 pm)

Food outlets available inside:

McDonald's, Pizza Express or Mummum

Notes :
1. Children below 120cm must be accompanied by an adult.

2. Separate prayer rooms are available inside for ladies and gents.

Book KidZania tickets for your family through Rayna Tours, surprise your kids, witness them grow into responsible citizens, and learn life the fun way.