How To Protect From Coronavirus Disease?

Amit Kapoor


Everyone is scrambling to look for ways to protect themselves from the pandemic coronavirus. But, the COVID-19 is still understudies and we don’t know how to beat it completely. We also don’t know when will the vaccine of COVID-19 be ready?  But, we can follow some helpful precautions that every country, state and city government has implemented. These protective measures must be taken as soon as possible to stop more deaths, to limit the spread of the coronavirus and prevent those who are already suffering from coronavirus.

In this article, we will learn how to protect from coronavirus disease? And how social distancing and good hygiene can help you stay safe.

First, let’s learn how likely you can get the coronavirus?

Anyone can come in contact with COVID-19 and there are certain groups of people who have a higher risk of getting coronavirus and require immediate hospitalization. Many people who contract coronavirus will experience some symptoms which are similar to common cold or flu. And, some people who contract the coronavirus in a different way and will be completely asymptomatic or showing no symptoms. But no matter which group you are categorized into, everyone has a social responsibility to follow the protective precautions and limit the spread of the virus to other people, particularly to those who are more prone to develop deadly complications.

Following are some important protective measures that must be taken for coronavirus:

  • Frequent Handwash
  • Cover mouth when coughing or sneezing
  • Avoid close contact and handshaking with others
  • Maintain good hygiene
  • Stay Home and maintain social distancing

How to protect yourself from the coronavirus.

The COVID-19 has been spreading at an extreme level day by day. We cannot the way it spreads, but the basics can still help us to limit its spread. The coronavirus spreads via respiratory vapor, such as when someone coughs or sneezes in front of you or into the air around you. It can also spread if someone who is suffering from coronavirus coughs or sneezes into their hand and then touches the switches, door handles or other high-touch things.

However, now that the virus has widespread across the globe, the preventative guidelines are now compulsory to follow, such as the well-known concept of frequent Handwashing and social distancing.

  • #1 Frequent Handwashing

Asaan_Guide_To _Frequent_Handwashing

Yes, this is the topmost way to prevent coronavirus. We should protect ourselves from coronavirus with the things that we should do every day to prevent other diseases too. The number one thing we can do to prevent any respiratory disease is to adopt good personal hygiene.

Frequently wash hands properly for at least 20 seconds by using soap and water or use hand sanitizer when water and soap are not available around. Still, this is the best way to prevent coronavirus as well as the spread of other infectious diseases as recommended by senior physicians around the world. 

There are various types of popular hand hygiene products available which are:

  • Dettol Hand Wash
  • Dettol Hand Soap
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Sterillium hand sanitizer
  • Hand Wash Gel
  • Alcohol-Based Hand Wash
  • Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer

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  • #2 Stay Home, Stay Safe

This is also the best way that the WHO and every country’s government & all healthcare professionals are also urging people to stay home as much as possible. We know, not all people have the luxury to work from home, but, still, people need to step out only to shop daily grocery essentials or during medical emergencies. But, we all must try to stay home as much as we can to down the curve of coronavirus spread. If you still do have to go out, you must follow the basic preventative measures for coronavirus.

  • #3 Follow the Government and Local Public Health guidelines

From mid-March 2020, many countries, states, and cities implemented lockdown and other preventive measures to limit the spread of the COVID-19. Many private and public schools are closed, board exams have been postponed or suspended, many sports programs have been suspended, government and private offices are closed or have given work from home. Bars, Restaurants, Malls, and even all worship places and all other gathering places are closed or have limited capabilities or limiting visiting hours. If your local or state government has implemented such guidelines, you must follow them at your best for you, your family and for society goodwill.

  • #4 Boost Your Immunity

The strong immune system is the basic key to prevent illness and fight against infectious diseases. If your immune system is strong and humming enough then you will be able to fight diseases in a better way. So, we all need to keep our immunity maintained and strong always.

To maintain sound immunity we should focus on healthy health habits. For that, start adopting healthy food choices and daily workout activities. Such health measures will definitely support your health and will lead to lifelong health improvements. We all must utilize this lockdown period effectively such as we must get adequate sleep, do yoga, get some fresh air and sunlight daily, but, do all such activities at home only. For a healthy body, stay hydrated, consume at least 8 glasses of water a day, minimize fried or overly processed foods and try to include enough micronutrients in your meal when you can. But, try to incorporate the things that are available only at your local grocery shops right now.

  • #5 Stay Positive, Stay calm

Mental health care is also very important along with your physical health. At the time of this Pandemic Coronavirus, everyone is annoyed by staying at home and taking a lot of mental pressure. But, you all need to understand that high-stress levels can affect your immune system as well as your mental health which is just the opposite of what you need in this pandemic situation. So, if you're feeling exhausted and overly anxious due to COVID-19, you should try to stay calm and stay positive. Follow preventive measures, spend time with your family, play your favorite games, do some mindful activities at home to keep yourself calm and to survive through this tough time!

Final Thoughts From ASAAN!

Hope these preventive precautions will help you a long way to keep yourself safe and motivated to stay positive during this situation. Stay at home only and if you need to refill your hand hygiene and other personal hygiene products such as Dettol Hand Wash, Dettol Hand Soap, Sterillium hand sanitizer, etc., you can shop them with the comfort of your home from reliable online shopping websites such as Amazon UAE, Noon UAE, Carrefour UAE, etc. And, don’t forget to use Asaan Deals, Asaan Discount Code, Asaan Coupon Code, Asaan Promo Code and many other latest discount coupons for online shopping offered by to save exciting discounts on your purchase!