Dubai Street Fashion

Pradhumnya Khanayat

dubai street fashion

When it comes to street fashion in Dubai, there are plenty of choices adorning your fashion sense while strolling around the streets and exploring the unseen. Mesmerising beaches and fascinating tourist destinations is what defines Dubai. Living in Dubai or going for a trip, make sure you have the best set of pictures to flaunt on your social media in your perfect street-inspired dresses while roaming around the entire Dubai. While dressing for daytime and night-time, there are two different approaches to fashion one has to adopt to get the desired look. Asaan has curated a list of Dubai outfit ideas to simplify your process of selecting the #outfitoftheday dress while outing for late night parties or causal strolling at the palm beaches.

Flaunt Maxi Skirts in Dubai

maxi dress- Asaan

The coolest fashion staple in any weather is definitely the maxi dress. While flaunting a maxi dress you can be as much experimenter as you want. Comforting and sexy at the same time, the maxi dress is perfect for your leisure walk around the streets of Dubai. Pair them with high heels to extract the best out of the already amazing fashion staple.

Jump Suit for the night out?

Jumpsuit- Asaan

Sometimes it’s asked that how to pull off a jumpsuit style, the answer can be as simple as walking in the park. A favourite staple of most women during summer to attain a stylish yet comfortable look, jumpsuit never disappoints. When thinking about the party look, pair your jumpsuit with bright colour heels or shoes to add a pop of colours thus vivacity to your look for the night.

Ankle Jeans and heel- The Perfect Pairing

Ankle Jeans- Asaan

What to wear with skinny jeans in summer? The perfect answer to this question is a classic white button-downed shirt and pastel blazer and how can one forget white sneakers. To top the day look you can also pair your skinny jeans with a black t-shirt and a cardigan over the top.

Tie Culottes and flats will make your day

tie cullottes- Asaan

With a perfect fit and comfortable style stature, Culottes have made a permanent place in casual women’s style in no time. Best outfit for hangin around the streets with friends, or going out for lunch, the culottes will certainly a game changer during the summer season giving utmost comfort without being less in style. Pairing your culottes with a simple shirt and black heels could really rock your outfit for the day.

Own a new look with Shirt Dresses

shirt dress- Asaan

While choosing something creative and unconventional, a shirtdress could worth a shot. After boyfriend jeans, it times to flaunt your boyfriend shirt which is basically a long button-down shirt usually trailing down to knees. Fun sneakers and a cute hat could get you the cool vibes when drifting along the beach shore bare.