Affordable Fashion Trends in UAE

Amit Kapoor

fashion trends

In today’s world where fashion is a continuously changing phenomenon, it could be quite difficult to keep up with the latest fashion trends. Even if you follow the latest trends, buying what you saw in a blog post, a magazine or television can be very hard for your pockets. But Asaan brings the list of affordable fashion trends and must buy in Dubai and from where you can find them without being heavy on your monthly budget.

Traditional But Fashionable-Abayas


Abaya holds the stance for the most traditional and fashionable outfit among the Arab women in the Middle East. Besides the traditional approach, the market for Abayas has been growing and new fashion trends are emerging with more colours and different fabrics. Designers are being more creative while choosing the different type of fabrics and also driving away from the stereotypical black colour. The colour and style of Abaya depicts charm and elegance and also creates an instant appeal towards the wearer. In UAE, Souq provides great Abayas with vast designs and amazing variety to choose from and excitingly they always offer huge discounts on Abayas and you can get one for yourself under AED 100.

Bags And Purses


Totes are always Fashion in the Middle East as they always come in bright colours and elegant designs which in itself is a style statement when you want to flaunt your fashion sense among kitties and causal get-to-gathers. Every woman loves a leather fashion bag which is good looking, always compliments the dress and easy to carry in the arms. Anything exclusive and limited edition in UAE has a different stand among the consumers in the middle east. The limited-edition bags and purses make a style statement and add to the whole appearance while you dine outside or be a guest at a party on the city skirts. At Namshi, you can always find trending fashion bags at reasonable prices all over the UAE.

Floral Prints

floral prints

For most of the time, Dubai experiences a hot climate and the temperature burns up the atmosphere of Dubai. So, it’s necessary to choose your clothing wisely for maximum comfort. The floral dresses serve both the purposes of being a style statement combined with max comfort. Floral dresses show themselves as subtle and charming with elegant designs and bright colours creating a paradox where a person is indifferent while choosing two different styles of floral prints. Vibrant colours, unmatched patterns or patterns just for springs, florals always keep up with the latest trends and fashion attire. In UAE, anyone can get pretty florals at Ounass fashion site and follow the floral desires for a segmented budget.

Statement Jewellery

statement jewellery

Jewellery in our closet tells a story and also defines our personality, be it traditional or contemporary. While choosing jewellery pieces, there comes a wide variety and designs to choose from and deciding whether it will complement a dress or not. It is the biggest question every woman asks herself while shopping for jewellery. Among Arab women, buying jewellery is a style signature and the affirmation of a luxurious life. The present trends in UAE for jewellery are getting bigger and the picture is continuously growing with new designers from around the globe trying to enter the Middle East markets due to their growing trend figures. In UAE, you can easily find anything from rings to earrings, bracelets and many lavish accessories just at your doorstep starting from prices of dimes and pennies at Sivvi online store.