6 Defined Ways To Wear a Polo Shirt

Amit Kapoor

6 Defined Ways To Wear a Polo Shirt

Polo shirt is one of the most subtle fashion items and quickly became the most loved clothing item in the men's fashion industry. It is referred to as one of the most versatile fashion statement which can be mixed & matched with different accessories and clothing items like chinos, shorts, blazers, shirts, etc.

If you want to know how to wear polo shirts in defined ways, you are in the right place. Asaan guides you on how to style a polo-shirt perfectly for every outing.

Shorts, Sneakers & Fashion Speaker

Shorts & sneakers are the best combinations to wear. Men combine polo shirts with shorts and sneakers when they want to look cool and casual. One can combine polo shirts with chinos shorts or denim shorts. Polo shirt with sneakers is the perfect combination. Make your summer outfit debonair by wearing printed polo shirts with shorts or plain polo shirts with printed shorts.

Polo T-Shirt Over Shirt

Wearing a shirt like half sleeves or full sleeves shirt over a t-shirt is always look extremely stylish. Combining these two, gives an extra detail look to your style. It can be worn in summer, spring season. Striped polo shirts and denim shirt is the best combination for summer and autumn season. Shop polo shirts from the h&m store and use an h&m coupon code to own that summer look.

Collab With Chinos

Chinos are the best option to combine with polo shirts. Chinos are the alternative of jeans. As in summer, most men wear polo shirts with chinos and it is the best option to get a genuine look in summers. Style your way, just cuff your chino pants up to the ankle and get the smart and cool look.

Experimenting With A Suit or A Blazer

Add a blazer with your polo shirts. Always gives you a smart look and a different way to look stylish. Replace your plain shirts with polo shirts, it is the most trending casual wear fashion. Mix and match polo shirts with your suit which gives you an enchanting look.

Tucked In Polo-Shirts

Tucked polo shirts can be worn as a formal and it looks elegant. When it comes to formal looks, One can wear polo shirts with formal pants and formal shoes. One can tuck in partly or behind the belt buckle to have a swag look.

Polo-Shirts X Jeans

As we all know, jeans and polo shirts look is very classic. One of the most common casual looks. Guys look more fashionable when pairing polo shirts with jeans. Shop different jeans of different styles from Asaan and say hello to savings with 6thstreet coupon code.

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