5 Traditional Arab Apparels For Women To Buy at Noon

Santu Kumar
5 Traditional Arab Apparels For Women To Buy at Noon

When we talk about Arab culture, how can we forget its traditional Arabian clothing which is famous for its rich fabrics, unique hand embroidery, bespoke stitching, and modest fashion. The Middle East is the place where the local tradition attire is worn more often than western fashion items.

Keeping pace with the trends nowadays, the Arab fashion industry has transformed its style by taking inspiration from western designers to renovate their traditional offerings into a more modernized, upstate form.

We have listed down the basic Arabian clothing worn by women which are easily available at Noon.

Traditional Arab Apparels For Women

Most Arab women wear Hijabs. To be precise, a HIJAB is a headscarf that is used to cover the head and hair.

Hijab comes under the category of Veils. The Veil is not only used for covering the head or made for people of a particular religion or culture but it is a modest accessory to justify the fashion statement.


Comes in different colors, styles, and patterns. Women wearing hijabs would know that they are always up to date with the latest trends. Hijabs have many variations including Shayla - - it is a single piece that is wrapped around the head. Other include Niqab, Khimar and Al-amira - a type of Hijab and a two-piece item consisting of a close-fitting cap. It is widely worn by the people of the Middle East.

Next on the list is Abayas and Jalabiya is a long loose-over garment worn by women. Abayas are made in the form of dresses, gowns, robes, or even long open style shrugs. Abayas come in different colors and in the pattern of zari embroidery, embellished patterns, and even lace-style. Explore a range of premium assortments at Noon and save using noon coupon code.


A type of Veil that covers the face and body. It is an article of clothing where the face including the eyes is covered by a mesh cloth to see through.


An overdress which is chosen by the Arab women for special occasions, festivals or weddings.

Black Gloves

Not the most fashionable of items but definitely the most common piece of clothing worn by women to cover their hands and arms.