5 Traditional Arab Apparels For Men To Buy At Noon

Santu Kumar
5 Traditional Arab Apparels For Men To Buy At Noon

The land of camels and desert is much more than the culture, cuisines, and architectural beauty. It is also about the fond nature of people living there. When someone thinks about the Arab apparels, then white robes and a black veil dress that is used to cover the head comes in mind. So, to clear up what Arab men's fashion looks like, we take you on a journey on how it has evolved over the years.

Traditional Arab Apparels for men

All of us are familiar with Arab clothing and how they look like but when it comes to naming them, our brains blow out. One word that describes Arabic Clothing is ‘Simplicity’. Traditional clothing for men varies from country to country.

Men’s clothing worn in the middle east is a modest form of clothing. Mostly Arab men wear a long white robe with a headscarf. This white robe is generally referred to as Thobe. Thobe is a loose-fitting ankle length piece which comes in a variety of colors. Other names for a Thobe is called Dishdasha, Keffiah or Kandourah.


It is rectangular headscarf worn by Arab men which is usually held in its place by a black cord called Egal. Men prefer to wear white or red checkered Ghutras.


Bisht is a men’s cloak or cape which is worn over the thobe. Special occasions such as a wedding is a place to wear a Bisht. Government officials and religious leaders carry Bisht more often.


Long, loose cotton trousers with drawstring or elastic. Sirwal can be paired with thobes, men’s gowns or long capes. Available in a number of neutral colors.


It is a piece of cloth which is of considerable length that is wrapped around the waist and tucked into one place. It is similar to sarong fashion and is common in parts of the UAE.

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