5 Skincare Routines Every Man Should Follow

Pradhumnya Khanayat
5 Skincare Routines Every Man Should Follow

Men skin too require pampering and care. Regular skin care will enhance the glow and give a smart and handsome look on your face. Follow a skincare routine and look forever young. Follow a daily care routine for spotless handsome skin.

Let’s see 5 Skincare Routines for Men-

1. Face Care:

 The first thing you need to do after waking up is to wash your face. Use facewash followed by warm water splash on your face. It will remove the dirt, excess oil and grime from your face. It will prevent pimples, breakouts and give a fresh look. Wash your face at least twice a day i.e. after waking up and before going to bed.

 After Cleansing you can use a face scrubber to exfoliate the dead skin. Though it should not be done daily, twice a week is always better. It will open the pores on your face and release the excess oil and dead skin from your face. The 5 minutes massage can prevent wrinkles from your face.

 In the end, do not forget to apply moisturizer, as it will keep hydrate your skin and rejuvenate them. The soothing feature of moisturizer will calm down the skin irritation and you can feel fresh. Apply the moisturizer twice in a day i.e. after bath and before going to bed to keep your skin nourished the whole day.

 Always buy the cleanser and scrubber according to your skin type to avoid irritation. Use Faces Coupon code while buying cleanser to get a discount on the product.

5 Skincare Routines Every Man Should Follow

2. Hair Care:

Hair is the styling factor of every man. You need to be overprotective towards your hair as you will lose them soon due to pollution.

 Use a mild and natural shampoo for hair wash. Do not over wash your hair because by doing this your hair becomes drier.

 Apply conditioner on your hair stands after every hair wash. It will nourish your scalp and hair by holding the natural oil.

 Do visit salon in regular interval and give a proper shape to your hair according to your personality.

5 Skincare Routines Every Man Should Follow

3. Body Care:

Like the face, men’s body too required pampering. A hot shower will lower down your blood pressure level and relax your mind.

 If you have a dry skin use body wash as it contains moisturizer with essential oils and Vitamin E. It will give a soothing effect to your skin after every bath. You can choose body soap too. Use moisturizing soap if you are a soap lover to keep yourself hydrated and fresh for the entire day.

 Apply moisturizer to your whole body after your shower. Many guys don’t like moisturizers as they don’t think it is necessary. But really It is required if you have dry skin. Apply the cream or lotion to the driest area of your skin like elbows, shoulders, legs, and hands.

 While buying the moisturizing cream or lotion check whether it is suitable for your skin or not. Apply first in a small area and check for irritation and then apply on the whole body. Use Sephora Discount Code UAE to buy the face moisturizing cream at a discounted price across UAE.

5 Skincare Routines Every Man Should Follow

4. Hand Care:

 Taking proper care of hand is required if you are a sportsperson or an actor or a model to be specific. You can feel the dryness on our hand when you spend more time under the sun.

 Apply a good Sunscreen lotion before going out to protect your hand from sunburn.

5 Skincare Routines Every Man Should Follow

5. Beard Care:

Beard is the most stylish thing of every man. As girls are dying for beard man, so, it is your chance to show your personality with your healthy and nourished beard.

 Apply beard oil to nourish our beard and mustache. It is a conditioner for your beard which enhances the shine of your beard. Coat your beard with the natural oil and keep them hydrated.

 Use a trimmer to give proper shape to your beard and flaunt your heroic personality.

 You can buy Foreo devices to trim your beard in a more stylish way. Use the Foreo Discount Code while purchasing and impress your girl with your personality.

5 Skincare Routines Every Man Should Follow

Skincare is neither rocket science nor you need to invest more time to look handsome. You just need to follow some steps regularly to look young and to have a wrinkle-free skin forever.

Men often think if they take care of their skin as girls do, then people will laugh on them. Trust me guys, there is nothing wrong to be protective towards your skin. Everybody should take care of their face and body not only to look good and young but also for your own health. If your skin is hydrated and nourished, then that will reflect on your personality.