5 Best Destinations to Travel from Dubai

Pradhumnya Khanayat

5 best destination to travel from Dubai

Dubai is global heaven for travelers, where you can experience everything from profound customs to state-of-the-art architecture and from throbbing nightlife to natural marvels. If you are residing in Dubai, then you might have seen almost all the greater destinations of this delightful emirate! So, now is the time to go beyond the familiar destinations and plan an excursion outside the UAE. You need not worry about choosing the desired destinations, because there are plethoras of breathtaking places to travel from Dubai that will definitely leave you spellbound. Here's a list of 5 Best Destinations to Travel from Dubai that will let you explore the world beyond and also suit your financial plan.

Visit a rare blend of Old & New architecture- Amman:

Bustling Amman is layered with a historical blend of diverse people, the Temple of Hercules, and its vivid architecture. Situated at the top of Citadel Hill, you can behold the tremendous scenic view of this beautiful Amman city and witness the romantic sunset. It is an ideal choice as one of the best short trips from Dubai. Better known for its Roman Theatre, Museums, & Food, Amman is also home to numerous churches, mosques, and multicultural populations. Amidst its ultra-modern commercial city center, Amman’s gleaming skyline speaks for its ancient roots with varied colorful ancient marts and monuments portraying a spirited picture on the canvas of its history!

5 best destinations to travel from dubai - jordan amman

Head towards the South and you'll get the chance to see the Middle East's Best Travel attractions. Witness the ancient city of Petra, where you will be able to climb to antique historical monuments and tombs crafted from red rocks. Moreover, south is also the stupendous desert landscape of Wadi Rum, where you can imagine that you are Matt Damon and relive his experiences in the motion picture, The Martian, which was recorded here.

Witness the Panoramic views of this Hidden Gem-Georgia:

The second best choice for the places to travel in 2019 is Georgia - one of the cheap travel destinations from Dubai. This iconic nation has so many beautiful towns, cities and places, picturesque mountains that’s why it becomes hard for travelers to choose the best one. Let yourself explore these charming destinations, lip-smacking cuisines, and astonishing historical monuments with no time boundation. Hotel Stays are also economical here as per global standards. Some of the top-visited places in Georgia are Tbilisi, Savannah, Athens, Atlanta and the charm of these places is truly undeniable.

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5 best destinations to travel from dubai - georgia

The capital of Georgia-Tbilisi is best known for its huge local markets trends featuring attractive items at cheap prices. With the growing demand for travelers, Georgia is gaining popularity all around. So, visit it now and let you be surprised with its most eclectic attractions!

Let yourself lost amidst the beauty of Incredible India:

India is truly one of the incredible countries to visit from Dubai. This country is truly unmatched by any other country due to its vivid culture, color, and different traditions. Its capital, New Delhi holds awesome sights, like the great Red Fort, state-of-the-art Humayun's Tomb, Exquisite Lotus Temple, and entrancing Jantar Mantar. Delhi's amazing cooking makes each feast an outstanding delight – everything from street eateries to high-end cuisines is something you will relish forever. You can also explore Agra to look at the onion domes of the Taj Mahal within a couple of hours.

5 best destinations to travel from dubai - India

You can also visit Goa to experience the paradise of beautiful beaches, J & K for witness the glimpse of Snow Peak Mountains, Ladakh- to satisfy your inner adventurous mountaineer.

Savor Appealing Delights of Nepal:

Get your flight booked for Nepal, as this is the most affordable as well as a luxurious destination from Dubai. You can easily get online cheap holiday packages from Dubai and Nepal tours. luxurious destination of every globetrotter. These beautiful places leave no stone unturned for making tourism a major part of the global economy and have been continuously building a futuristic dream destination like nowhere else, yet maintaining its roots and keeping its culture and tradition alive. Dazzling Nepal is nothing less than a wish come true for the vacationers to delve into the picturesque mountains, trek to the Himalayas, cheap lavish hotels, glittering and so much more. Now, traveling to Nepal is easier too, thanks to the online e-visa facility.

5 best destinations to travel from dubai - Nepal

Discover the eternal flames of Turkey & Cyprus

This is one of the hugely popular destinations to visit from Dubai, because of the stupendous soap operas and lifestyle fashion. Turkey and Cyprus both are excellent choices for a vacation getaway from Dubai. Istanbul’s mosques, souqs, and delectable cuisines are the worthy reward for any traveler’s dreams; and Cyprus’ antique Greek and Roman ruins are the second only to Greece & Italy itself. So, with the affordable flights from Dubai, it's worth experiencing the alluring Cypriot and Turkish traditions and on the other hand, the ancient history of the Mediterranean Sea.

5 best destinations to travel from Dubai - Turkey and Cyprus

The great thing about the above-mentioned countries is that they all are within easy reach of Dubai. So, you can visit them whenever you want.

What are your plans for the best places to travel in 2022? Do let us also know in the comments section below!