10 Tips To Find The Right Shoe

Santu Kumar

A right shoe selection is more than just a fashion statement or trending styles. Right shoes are the ones that enhance your energy and function according to your needs. You don’t want to buy shoes that hurt your ankle or in some way affect your performance.

So here are 10 extremely useful tips to find an ideal pair:

Check For Your Size Accordingly

right shoes

Finding a right shoe can be a tough task. So, it is advisable to go for a pair that complements your body shape and your feet size. Select a shoe that fit the shape of your foot. People who have a wide forefoot and wider foot, in general, should go for a broader front.

Different Shoes For Different Activity

different shoes

You got to be watchful of what shoes you wear at what time and what all activities you do in it. If you are a salesperson or a marketing manager who pitches, buy work shoes just after work to be more precise with your selection. Our feet tend to elongate during the day. If you are an athlete or a fitness professional, go for shoes designed specifically for training and running.

Have Your Feet Measured Every Time You Buy A New Shoe

Always measure both your feet size whenever you are planning to buy a new pair of shoes. Foot size changes over a course of time and naturally grows longer and wider. For many people, one foot is larger than the other. So, it is wise to go for a choice that fits the larger one.

Choose According To The Weather And Go For The Materials Which Cause Less Skin Irritation

Many people might not know this, but weather plays an important role in shoe selection. Different weather conditions can have different effects. For example, in summers your feet will swell, so make sure your shoes are slightly bigger to avoid rubbing. Natural materials like leather and suede encourage your feet to breathe right and reduce the possibility of skin irritations.

Always Try A Pair Of New Shoes With Socks

socks with shoes

Socks are your partners whenever you shop for a new pair of shoes. Try slipping on a new pair in your regular socks and then judge if they fit you well or not. Also, it is a good hygiene practice to try shoes with socks.

Walk In The Shoe To Make Sure It Feels Comfortable

comfortable shoes

Being comfortable in your shoes should be on the top of your list. Talk a walk around the store to ensure everything fits in well. There should be enough free movement inside the shoe and enough space between your longest toe and at the end of the shoe. A good pair gives you stability and cushioning.

Get Your Shoes Customized

There are a lot of options available in the market that offers you customized fits. Go for a pair that is made as per your requirements and your designs. Do get a sample check before ordering one.

Go For A Perfect Or Smart Fit Rather Than Being Brand Conscious

smart fit shoes

It is okay to be brand conscious, but one cannot compromise comfort over variety. Every brand does not offer you a standard size, they have their own size charts and you’ve to take all the trouble to find your fit. A smart fit is what attracts most of the buyers.

A Person Is Judged By His/Her Shoe


It is very rightly said that “Shoes can make a man look good”. So, for you to give a sharpening edge to your personality, you’ve to be very picky with your shoe selections. A smart fit casual/work footwear can boost your self-confidence.

Replacing Them In Time

Most shoe manufacturers will design their shoes to withstand 300 – 500 miles, but it varies depending on the task you do. If you are a runner, you should replace your kicks every 6 – 8 months but if you’re a walker, you can add a few more months to your shoe life.