7 Best Value Smartphones To Own

Vasu Arora

Trying to find a smartphone under budget? Confused about whether to spend a fortune on flagship devices or not? Stay with us as we give you the insights on the latest technology offering from top brands and how you can get the best out of your money by purchasing these budgeted smartphones.

Most of us fancy flagship devices because of their brand value and there over the top features. But what's important is to consider what is being offered by the brand and how much value it will cost. Below listed are mid-range smartphones worth considering:


One-Plus is named as the "Flagship Killer". With the ever-increasing price of the smartphones, One Plus has come as a rescue squad for people looking to get everything installed in a single device. One Plus is a bit high on price in comparison to other phones but if you have an extra dime to spend, you cannot skip it. Grab One Plus exclusive offerings at Asaan and save money using noon coupon code.

Huawei P30 Lite

Solid-performance, versatile camera and a task handler. Huawei P30 lite comes as a game changer in the list of the budgeted smartphone with premium design, fast charger, and extensive features.

Moto G7

Among all brands, Motorola is considered to produce the best low-range smartphones. Its Moto G7 runs on a 1.8GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 632 processor backed by a 3,000mAh battery. Moto G7 is a complete package in all aspects.

Nokia 7.1
It's USP is the crisp and vivid HDR display which adds to the beauty of this phone. The best buy if you're considering features like design, camera, multi-tasking, timely updates and hardware.

Samsung Galaxy A9

Samsung offers you every range for smartphones according to your budget. It's famous super AMOLED display speaks for itself and its powerful camera pixels enhances every click. A trusted brand in the real world, Samsung Galaxy A5 is no.5 on our list. Use amazon uae coupon code to buy this smartphone at discounted prices.

Xiaomi Mi7

The upcoming flagship of Xiaomi boasts of some amazing specs that could bring it into the limelight. Powerful cameras, latest Android and robust hardware add to the beauty of this smartphone.

Huawei Nova 3I
The device with a touch of Artificial Intelligence. Huawei Nova 3I has an AI-enabled Dual camera which gives you out of the box pictures along with its next-gen AI processor.

These are the best value smartphones that you can buy right now.